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    Drama SEGA tries to make things civil, doesn't go well.

    Every game's roadmap is equally invaluable, only offering a rough timeframe of what to expect. But FFXIV's track record gives the playerbase more assurance to the quality and delivery of the updates. That's the key part: the track record. Past behavior is one of the strongest predictors of...
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    Drama SEGA tries to make things civil, doesn't go well.

    I could just be more critical of it than others, but you would have to be dishonest to not admit that the game is on a downward trend. I understand that there is something big to look forward to in the future, but you are only seeing that as the silver lining. In reality, the red flags have been...
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    Drama SEGA tries to make things civil, doesn't go well.

    Man, current year is terrible for gaming. I got into PSO2 a few months back because I thought it was interesting and it might have a rich history and future like Monster Hunter (even MH is potentially starting downhill with MHRise). But now here we are witnessing them appeal to the lowest common...
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    No... and after looking up that artist, that's definitely too much lol.

    No... and after looking up that artist, that's definitely too much lol.
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    Learn Japanese to bully Localizers

    Awesome resource, Ene. And then after I learn Japanese in a few years I'll go learn Korean. Japanese media is most of the stuff I "consume" nowdays, and there's a tiny few Korean ones I could end up learning the language for, as well. The mainstream deserves nothing but apathy at this point...
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    Self-Promotion Cayhr's Oppai Emporium

    Fanart: Yolanda, Beryl, and Rina Full res: 3 piece oppai meal with yuri sauce. I've been anxious about posting this piece, since it took me so long to do. The illustration itself was not part of why it took so long, half the month was me learning...
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    Happenings Superhot VR removed "self harm scene" despite already having a toggle off option

    "You can remove it from the game but you can't remove 41% from the statistics" OOF Also this is why I wish we simply obtained installers from Steam rather than having the software version controlled by Steam.
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    Megathread Software Sunday (Software recommendation)

    The Twitter Download Video and Pixiv Plus scripts are the big ones for me, here... I hate how Twatter converts uploaded videos into their own esoteric format for viewing on Twatter. Makes stealing memes and hentai harder >:C. Some dumb proprietary nonsense lol
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    Shared Full resolution avatar

    At first I thought I was looking at Eldigan from Fire Emblem.
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    Happenings Audacity can now potentially sell your data.

    Muse Audacity: We're gonna collect your data. Normal people: EDIT: Sneedacity because the other Audacity fork by cookiengineer is no longer being maintained
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    Discussion Steam Summer Sale

    One I saw was pretty cool was Everhood. It's a narrative rhythm game. UPDATE: Played a few hours of it yesterday with some friends. It's actually really fun (and hard), but please do not even consider watching gameplay of it if you are susceptible to epilepsy :kekw: . That being said, it's got...
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    The Complete Guide to Every Breed of Waifu

    A combination of onee-san/Dandere/Undere/Yamato would be my ideal. Put me on the feminist hitlist: submissive (mature) women are the best. You provide for them, they return the favor with service. And because we're all horny bastards, they offer the sexes, too. btw pro tip: women love...
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    Self-Promotion Cayhr's Oppai Emporium

    Magic! The laws of reality don't adhere to her.
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    Hololive Kiara appearing alongside Vshojo Vtubers at DigiKomi 2021

    Ina is probably my favorite. I don't really watch any gaming streams (HoloLive or not), but sometimes I hop into Ame's for a bit to see how she does in Apex. Ina gets my most watch time on her art streams, and the one she did today was a whole 5 hours long Wacom/CSP sponsored art stream drawing...
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    Self-Promotion Cayhr's Oppai Emporium

    Yeah, I may have said already in the Ashyara post but RGE's been a huge motivator for me. I hope I can one day have my first campaign on the level of Blade Devil. And thanks, I do my best, and try to learn as much as I can. Slow and long journey for us self-made artists, but in the mean time...