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  1. Vajra

    NSFW Post Your Waifu

    Vajra is my wife! She's the reason why I love tights.
  2. Vajra

    Aragae! Dark Elf-Chan - Chapter 2

    Here's Chapter 2 of Dark Elf-Chan. We decided to continue our translation as it serves as a learning experience for both Ene and I. Plus you get to see more of Ene's interpretation; his translation work is great. You'll notice right away that I started using different fonts for both dialogue...
  3. Vajra

    Drama Whim Ch. Whines About VTubers Posting IRL Pics, EN Vtubers Post Their Ugly Faces to "Own" Him

    Yeah, which is why I think KSON gets a pass since she, unlike everyone who ragged on Whim here, actually uses both herself and her model in her content regularly. That and her model is directly inspired by her irl appearance in the first place. I just looked, I believe that she has deleted that...
  4. Vajra

    Drama Whim Ch. Whines About VTubers Posting IRL Pics, EN Vtubers Post Their Ugly Faces to "Own" Him

    Truer words have never been spoken. On September 24, 2021, A vtuber that goes by Whim (@arbiterofwhim | Archive) decided to rant to Twitter about his opinion on vtubers that are incapable of keeping their real-life selves out of their vtubing ventures. Tweet | Archive Tweet | Archive...
  5. Vajra

    Whats your favorite console growing up?

    I grew up with the ps2 and gamecube. I'd say gc is my favorite of the two though since I have the most memories of the games I played on it. Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Kirby Air Ride, the whole nine yards :flan-yea: I loved jak & daxter and ratchet & clank though, gta also
  6. Vajra

    Aragae! Dark Elf-chan - Manga Translation Project

    Here's a fine-tuned version, using a new font as well as including sfx text, text for dialogue outside of the boxes, and text on page 3 to see how it'd look, among other small changes. I'm a big fan of the kerning on the new font. :flan-yea:
  7. Vajra

    Aragae! Dark Elf-chan - Manga Translation Project

    Here's what I've done for Ch. 1. For now, it's just the bubble and box text that's been set. Page 3 isn't set due to it needing a redraw. Take a look, give suggestions and call me a retard for fucking something up or whatever. :shrug:
  8. Vajra

    Aragae! Dark Elf-chan - Manga Translation Project

    I'm down to do the typesetting :flan-yea:
  9. Vajra

    Drama Friday Night Funking /v/ mod had a dumb nsfw comic, twitter screechs "literal cp"

    It's too bad really, since the mod is well made. While I don't play the game, I do want it to succeed since it does a good job at calling back to the old internet. The community, while there are some good mods or whatever, is cancer of course. Not really shocked there. :shrug:
  10. Vajra

    Sony censors Doki Doki Literature Club

    It's unfortunate but honestly, anyone expecting the PS ver to not have some kind of change were fools. :gura-pain: It's odd, isn't it? And people claim there's no ulterior motive when Sony so blatantly does this stuff on the regular. I will give Dan credit for not pulling the mosaic/light...
  11. Vajra

    Censorship Megasuki eroge - Johren release blocks shota boner with shitty white line

    It's amazing seeing how hard vn devs will butcher their games in order to get them on a given platform and then wonder why people won't buy what's a blatantly worse product. I don't get it either. Those that find a way to provide official patches are alright, but the others that don't reap what...
  12. Vajra

    Discussion Steam Summer Sale

    Here's what I'm looking to get this time around: Killing Floor 2, it looks pretty fun. I've always liked these kinds of survival games, should be a treat with friends :flan-yea: DMC 5, as a bit of a shake-up since I haven't played many hack-and-slash games myself. Gensokyo Night Festival...
  13. Vajra

    Happenings Friday Night, how're you whatcha doin?

    >playing Doom Eternal >watching devlogs >listening to: >reading forum posts >eating sandwiches >drinking tea >fappin
  14. Vajra

    Drama AzzyNemu | adz1024 | Adam | pos scams several thousand dollars out of twitter users by pretending to be a victim of rape and brain cancer

    Nah you got no cum, pussy. We saw how quickly you privated your FB yet you come here and got shit to say. Either run away completely like the rat you are or bare everything you got.
  15. Vajra

    Drama AzzyNemu | adz1024 | Adam | pos scams several thousand dollars out of twitter users by pretending to be a victim of rape and brain cancer

    You're doing god's work, Shizu. :hk416-hyper: Pure undiluted cope. You deserve every comeuppance you got coming at ya.
  16. Vajra

    NSFL Nickelodeon Talks About “Environmental Racism”

    We used to have one of those slides in the town park. Must've been like 10-15 years ago. As expected, everyone stopped going there when the town replaced all the fun stuff in the park. I do miss when things were fun though. Kids nowadays have to deal with both shitty cartoons/reboots/etc. and...
  17. Vajra

    Gacha Granblue Fantasy

    Honestly after that the only thing you can do to improve any further is get caim. I remember doing last dirt gw without him and chicken, that shit sucked. Hopefully things are different here. I hope they expand the indiv tiers or something bc I really don't want to go over 1 bil every gw from...
  18. Vajra

    Gacha Granblue Fantasy

    Yep, me too. Usually the honor prediction trackers overshoot but this time I think they undershot. People really want those sunlight shards :hinata-acid: We made t2k crew rank, got a 4-0 and managed to get max rewards. I'd say that the point control was successful considering last gw we barely...
  19. Vajra

    Gacha Granblue Fantasy

    I got my 1 button otk for ex+ down, was a little worried bc I had to farm wamdus to get stam earrings on my characters. For NM 90/95 I'll be using Fish x Levi and 100/150 will be Levi x Levi bc I'll need to slot in auberons for HP You should at some point. the extra 50k supp from each spear...
  20. Vajra

    Gacha Granblue Fantasy

    I know at least ONE person here plays this game also. Post some achievement you got, your prep for the guild war that's starting in like 10 hrs or anything else of the sort. I for one 5*'d the eternals, 5*'d all the opus weapons and will be getting the blue skin in like 3 GWs :mokou-lying: