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  1. Hibiki

    Censorship I've been contacted by Roskomnadzor

    I got called a liberal, that's a first:konata_cry2:
  2. Hibiki

    Censorship I've been contacted by Roskomnadzor

    I've seen many with that mindset, so I really doubt it.
  3. Hibiki

    Censorship I've been contacted by Roskomnadzor

    Why would you be on the side of a totalitarian goverment, just because they are against the woke cancer doesn0t mean they are good, why are people so fucking braindead retarded :bep-what:
  4. Hibiki

    Censorship I've been contacted by Roskomnadzor

    They aren't even checking it, they just have a crawler requesting the takedown of anything with the word loli on it, amazingly lazy. Send them this
  5. Hibiki

    Megathread Lolidrama

    He is a normalfag with a normalfag audience, he will have normalfag opinions.
  6. Hibiki

    New to this forum and have a quistion.

    sus, very sus :watching:
  7. Hibiki

    Hololive Uruha Rushia "Fired"

    Ruining your career because you don't know how to censor screenshots :retard:
  8. Hibiki

    japanese political party and russia via the u.n trying to censor anime fanservice of under -18s

    You have no idea of what you are talking about. Despite the complaints from USA, Japan, Austria and the thousands of emails we sent them to not fucking change it, they completely ignored it and changed it anyway, now it's in full effect. The good thing is that part is optional, so they can't...
  9. Hibiki

    valorant ban me for 3 days for said pinche furro or being based edgy

    Sir, learn to properly speak english before trying to use an english forum, also nobody really wants to read your schizo rants.
  10. Hibiki

    Localisation Shitty Localizers general

  11. Hibiki

    Changes to the forum

    We got a new server and moved pleroma there, so now everything should work way faster and I will probably start shilling the site and creating threads again.
  12. Hibiki

    Localisation Shitty Localizers general

    Hmmm, I wonder if I should post this thread on twitter now or wait a bit, if I do it now they might become aware we are doing this and delete tweets or lock their accounts
  13. Hibiki

    Threads worth sharing on twitter

    It's not the varis server, it's my server, but I don't see a reason for deleting the thread.
  14. Hibiki

    Censorship The Japanese Communist Party new platform policies is very bad (loli and more at threat) 0

    Well, the Japanese ruling party Liberal Democratic Party, proposed laws to regulate "harmful content" many times, so when it comes to politics everything is fucked.
  15. Hibiki

    Disney+ Licensing Anime

    Please, read this before making any more threads
  16. Hibiki


    I suppose we are having the same issue as kiwifarms
  17. Hibiki

    Censorship Fakku's Abaddon: Princess of the Decay Banned on Steam

    This is so sad, but I'm not giving a penny to fakku
  18. Hibiki

    Lolidrama Anti-Loli Arguments (and how to make them crumble)

    So, you find it offensive when people don't want to rape you?
  19. Hibiki

    Improvement Wishlist

    Change the forum score from lolis fucked to social credit
  20. Hibiki

    The one Tuber

    This is indeed her voice, from one of the many racists vocaroos she posted in 4chan before she became e-famous :nep: