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  1. Cayhr

    Self-Promotion Cayhr's Oppai Emporium

    Here's where I'll be posting all my art to share with the forum. I do art of pinup girls featuring the fattest oppai and thickest thighs. Often times that leads to big booty and yummy tummy. I draw my own mascot, an OC named Yolanda. She's got large...assets...let's put it at that. But other...
  2. Cayhr

    Self-Promotion Yolanda - Alluring Bask

    Yet another piece of my OC Yolanda. This time I drew her in a more elegant outfit featuring a cleavage window, some stockings, and arm gloves. Almost like a wedding dress. I spent a lot of time figuring out what kind of background I wanted for this piece, and I think I grew as an artist while...
  3. Cayhr

    Discussion A Few Wishes for MH Rise & Thoughts

    I love Monster Hunter, but Capcom kinda sucks, unfortunately. I'll be waiting some time before I get the game (for zero day bugfixes and controversies to sort out), and I may even get it on the jolly roger game launcher for a bit first (I have a Switch James Bond gave me). Even then, I just hope...