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  1. Scornful Gaze

    Eccentric Individual Noralities/edsartfactory| Entitled Millenial, seething tumblrite, and (alleged) Shota cock enjoyer x

    Before you start reading consider joining the forum, we need more members Noralities/edsartfactory is a(n alleged) shotacon enjoyer and (allegedly an) art school graduate who, in-between blogging about her perceived victimhood on her tumblr, likes to make feature length OVAs about why anime...
  2. Scornful Gaze

    Screenshot thread

    Post-screencaps from anime that you find particularly amusing, aesthetic, or otherwise noteworthy. I'll start off with a particularly memorable shot from the final episode of Zambot 3
  3. Scornful Gaze

    Discussion Web Novels/Light Novels: Like turn of the century pulp fiction but less cool.

    So lads, I recently picked up the web novel version of Mushoku Tensei, seeing as the light novel translation is a massive dumpster fire of redactions and dishonesty. And I must say, what I've been reading thus far is the height of trash fiction and awful prose: Magnificent. So, what have you...