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    Disney+ Licensing Anime

    do you have an article or something to go with these?
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    Wallpaper Thread

    In order by monitors as well. The monitor with Shinobu is my main but I normally have a game, or VS, or something of the like on it so I don't see Shinobu often.
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    Based Noa poster

    Based Noa poster
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    oh you should've said that. Yeah the arrow takes you to the next chapter there :cirno-laugh: Didn't realise that. It's gotta do with how i set up the models and stuff, thanks
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    weird. that's a bug then, it shouldn't do that :thonk: Might be that you accidentally hit a button that wasn't actually rendering
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    yeah it doesn't do that lol. I think he's confusing the first page of the chapter with the next one. Once I'm done with the v1 of the API I'll add that.
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    Nyanners now the most hated Vtuber.

    do you not know how much of a whore and suck up she is? She made some long ass tumblr post talking about how bad lolis are, and is quite frankly the complete opposite of based. She's got a thread here for a reason
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    Already am, replacing the MVC it's got going on with just an API since it's just easier
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    NSFW Art Help

    well it's rather simple Step 1. Loli Step 2. Lotion Step 3. Cum
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    happy brithday!

    happy brithday!
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    Discussion Fallout Series General

    You still dicking around in the capitol wasteland or have you moved on to the Mojave? How you doing with the DLCs as well? i'd be interested in reading that if you write it out holy shit it is about time.
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    cause this is a WIP. I'm trying to gather feedback. feedback like this. I know it needs to be added onto the manga/read pages. It's on the front page at the moment to make development easier. As I said it's very barebones atm, but i'll be sure to add that at some point.
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    all of those exist, except the zoom
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    never heard of it but i will keep it in mind. also sounds far easier than having to make my own app lol if you've got an idea of what to translate on the side then feel free. Once the chapter you're doing on the side is all translated you can just send that all together as well. Ask Vajra...
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    If you didn't know we've created a new site for our translation group (Consisting of @Ene and @Vajra). Currently they've been working their asses off translating Aragae! Dark Elf-Chan. I'd appreciate feedback be left here, and we are currently looking for another translator and typesetter to add...
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    Music What're you listening to?

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    Lolidrama Anti-Loli Arguments (and how to make them crumble)

    yeah hi, admin, I don't really give a shit that you came here to shit talk these guys but don't doublepost k thx
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    Aragae! Dark Elf-Chan - Chapter 3

    mh, should point out theres the scroll through and click through. > click through > scroll through
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    testing [ATTACH]

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    Aw, 42 messages, hasn't been seen since August :mokou-lying: RIP Rye

    Aw, 42 messages, hasn't been seen since August :mokou-lying: RIP Rye