Anime/Manga as a pipeline into antis-camp

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Over last 10 years i have observed this behaviour on multiple people(4 people to be precise).

First they get into anime, they love it, waifus, shounen, comedy, serious stuff. And the reason is always the same, "its not the same as western media". But after some time, they slowly start becoming more and more obnoxious. Usual shit about muh sexualization, or problematic content.

Why is this happening? Why do people actively get into something for reason which they ends up despising after consuming the product. And why would people want to change something what actually made that something original in the first place.

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Time was only weird fuckers would watch anime, now a lot of young people who watch anime are peer pressured into it so they can talk about it with their friends. Literally watched a normalfag twitch streamer the other day be recommended Made In Abyss. I know he isn't gonna like it, even the chat had a love/hate relationship for it; but the wells of decent sthings that are currently being outputted in the west is only just now showing signs of returning, so this is now a watercooler medium for a staggering amount of people.

Honestly I believe most people are content to watch whatever ia put in front on them and if they dont like it they move on.

The issue comes from the few self important idiots who want to make themselves look good without actually doing shit. They will rave and rant about "muh problematic content" in a effort to get attention.

The problem comes when these asshats become popular enough that the "normies" listen to them.
Most people nowadays, at least in my experience need someone else to think for them.And so, they hate whatever is popular to hate without actually thinking about it critically.

Why do you think antis always repeat the same talking points over and over. It is one of the side effects of our society become more dependant on the internet

To be fair to some of them they didn't get into anime for the lewd parts. (I certainly did, seeing a Lupin III Twilight Gemini trailer with a almost naked Fujiko is what made my younger self in 2001 finally look more into anime learning a lot of the "cartoons" I watched like Sailor Moon were actually anime).

Doesn't excuse them from refusing to find other shows since there's plenty of anime with no fanservice and definitely no loli fanservice. These types love cheering for yuri pairings in every goddamn show with just the tiniest hints while claiming there's naked lolis everywhere, I ask where since we're lucky to get one anime with loli fanservice.

From what I've observed from some youtubers and their followers such as yellowflash2, rekieta law, clownfish TV and nerdrotic just like that anime (usually) doesn't laser focus on woke progressive crap, its had femboys and such for a few decades.

They pay some weak lip service to not wanting censorship of fanservice and lolis (since they like using some of it as a take that to woke marvel/DC comics) but ultimately they don't like it and will join their conservative/prudish brethren eventually. They love mentioning "the pendulum will swing back" which from my observation the woke are still as powerful as ever and the conservative prudes are being louder about being anti porn so we have the worst of both worlds, two sets of hypocritical anti lewd assholes.

They're just here until the day disney gives up marvel so never so we have a group of infiltrators not indentified as such who will betray us someday.
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This has always confused me but I admit I'm a bit biased. I was introduced to anime by, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball etc as a kid, but Love Hina left the biggest impression on me which made me fall in love with ecchi anime, that's why I don't understand the aversion to fan service, which is tame and inoffensive and the hatred of so called "problematic content".

Is there something objectively wrong with boobs bouncing, nudity, onsen scenes, beach and bikinis, attractive female characters etc?

During the pre-cursor to the culture war, anime fans would denigrate fan service and complain if there is anything sexy in an anime, so to a fan of ecchi and erotica, this attitude has only gotten worse as the years go by.

By the way, the last "ecchi" anime by my standards was Shinmai Maou no Testament and nothing since then has ever gone further or dared to go further, the tag itself is as good as dead.

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During the pre-cursor to the culture war, anime fans would denigrate fan service and complain if there is anything sexy in an anime, so to a fan of ecchi and erotica, this attitude has only gotten worse as the years go by.
I dunno about different places where i lived, that was mostly in "jest", like frivalries between people. But mostly just people joking and poking at each other for fun and gigles.