anime/manga with cute and lolis/shotas


looking for a some cute lolis/shotas​

good anime/manga with cute and hot lolis and shotas preferably from ages 4 to 14
do you prefer hentai or anything else?
do you prefer its have a good story or slice of life comedy is good?

I do not remember the name of most of the hentais that I have seen so I do not think I can recommend any
there was one of a teacher with the students all lolis and a purple uniforms, this was good ... but I don't remember the name

Outside of hentai you can look for any Doga kobo anime, they have many very cute lolis animes and they usually make very good animations it is a study that I like a lot, they generally produce comedy and slice of life animes

I also recommend this Mujaki_no_Rakuen
there are three ovas with a lot of ecchi, if what you are looking for is something hotter this may interest you, although it is unfortunately short, I think the manga is much better but I have not read it so I can not say anything.

some things that I can recommend less knowed review them and maybe you will find one that u like

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! : It is a beautiful story, a university student is left with the custody of the 3 daughters of a man who married his sister after they died in an accident and the family wanted to separate the 3 sisters.

Uchi no Ko no Tame naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru kamo Shirenai. : This series is adorable, although it is the least hot on this list since it does not have any ecchi scene, An adventurer finds a demon girl alone in the forest with no family and decides to take care of her.

Mitsudomoe: It is very funny, three primary school triplets that make life difficult for their teacher, it has many jokes with double meaning.

Kodomo no Jikan: see this !!

: This is a series of mystery and gore, where the protagonist gets him a cursed cube that transforms into a girl, it is the one that I recommend the least on this list, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

Ro-Kyu-Bu! : lolis playing basketball ... if I remember correctly he had quite a few ecchi scenes and cute girls.

Rizelmine: I think this is the least known and the oldest on this list, basically the protagonist is forced to marry a loli who is a government experiment or something like that, the series is mainly comedy and romance.

There are many knowed that I did not mention because those everyone already knows them and I do not know if you have already seen them.
I don't think I can think of any more right now:anime-think:... maybe i should catch up on lolis animes and stop seeing too many trash isekai :bap:

edit: I removed some that I had not seen and was not sure whether to recommend them, better I only recommend things that I know well, finding lolis animes is not very difficult, the difficult thing is to decide which one to watch so I put a small description on each one. I highly recommend the doga kobo ones if you want to see something cute and fun
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Oh man, Rizelmine, that one was hilarious in that early 00s way. Anyways, Ichigo Mashimaro should absolutely be on your list if you haven't watched it yet, Barasui is a god. If you're fine with things that aren't terribly lewd and just feature main characters that fall into that particular demographic, then Brigadoon and Figure17 are both solid series to pick up on the more dramatic side of things.