At what point does lolicon becom toddlercon

The Nash
I've always been turned off by toddlercon because of the stubbiness and various subtle nuances. I don't like loli’s with binkies for example. But then came a certain character named Anya Forger and it's thrown I wrench into my logic. I keep insisting that she falls into the loli category because she's not pudgy and is tall and slender enough to meet the loli body type. But there are those who insist that she falls within the toddlercon subcategory just because of her younger age. Needless to say, Anya is a prime fap fuel but does feel that makes me disingenuous when I say I don't like toddlercon. What are the factors that differentiate loli from toddlercon?

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Im not into it either nor I am an expert on the topic but to me is:

1. Focus on the "baby" aspects as you said binkies diapers the sort is one thing I would consider be part of todcon

2. Body shape this one is a little more ambigious, Id say in my opinion the more short and pudgy the more likely they are a todcon.

Imo anya is sort of in the border between the two, I think it really depends on the particular piece of artwork. For example the one you posted I wouldnt call todcon, but I can imagine you could easily make her one.

Honestly just go with your gut lol :shinobu_kaka:as long as its purely fictional is fine by me :shrug: