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Comparing the Original Japanese version to the Localization.


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edited screenshot, she doesn't say 'localization' .jpg

[Seems like the new TWEWY game is getting the worst type of localization]
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Rudeness ++

NeoLo (6).jpg
NeoLo (1).jpg
NEOEm (1).jpg

Note: Its not that she never insults you in the JP version, she's just much worse in the localization. If I remember correctly, she calls you "Baka" once in the demo
In the 3rd screenshot, the localization uses the first bubble to write their own line and the second to translate both line from the JP

NeoLo (3).jpg
NEORi (3).jpg
NEOEm (3).jpg
NEOEm (4).jpg
NEODi (3).jpg
NEOGi (8).jpg
NEOybo (1).jpg
NEOTab (1).jpg
NEOTab (2).jpg
NEOClea (6).jpg
NEOClea (5).jpg
NEOClea (4).jpg

Tabooty Context: Minamimoto
Note: Not sure how to translate [禁断ヤロー / Kindan Yarou], so I'll just leave it. Localization seem to have went with "Taboo + Booty"

NeoLo (2).jpg

10 (1).png
10 (1).jpg

10 (2).jpg


NeoLo (4).jpg
NeoLo (7).jpg

Commission "Untranslated"
NEOAc (3).jpg
NEOAc (4).jpg

I'm a bit unsure how to translate this one, but the localization is once again adding "money related lines"
[S: 着こなすには時間がかかるだろうがジョリべの扉は開いた]
[F: あの人のシュミ公私混同じゃん] - [R: ほんとだな]

NEOGau (2).jpg

Slipped on stairs

Pay Grade (3rd is untranslated)
NEOKiw (2).jpg
NEOKiw (5).jpg
NEOKiw (4).jpg

Opinion: Localizers put in this type of language in the game, and then people on twitter claim that TWEWY is making a statement about capitalism

Do you even lift, bro? You mad bro? Little girlbro
NeoLo (9).jpg
NEORi (4).jpg
NEORi (5).jpg

Opinion: Localization seem to decide on a quirk for a character and then go all out with it.

Galaxy Brain
NeoLo (8).jpg
NEOBee (2).jpg

Fake Catchphrase
NEOAc (2).jpg

Unnecessary nonsense
NEOSh (2).jpg
<-for context
NEOSh (3).jpg
NEOSh (4).jpg

"grade A astronaut" "space case" what is up with these lines !?

NeoLo (5).jpg

Note: He is more polite in the JP, and doesn't use insulting words like Sheeple

NEOAc (1).jpg

NEOEm (2).jpg

This guy speaks to you through phone text
Note: Localization added emojis to his dialogue, also "chums" makes me think of the farting gnome video.

Edgy EdgeLord (1st one is untranslated)
NEOEd (4).jpg
NEOEd (2).jpg

I'm unsure how to accurately translate the first image, but she of course does not say "edgelord"
JP txt: [史上最低評価をつけてしまうワイカッコエ~~!!]

Think Mark, Think
NEOEd (3).jpg

Plebeian wretch
NEOEd (1).jpg

Note: いただける = To receive (humble).
Its like "You would let me have this" 

Cultural Appropriation

本物 = [Authentic, the real deal] type of meaning
He's not talking about offending Indians

MiddIe SchooIer, High SchooIer
NEODi (1).jpg
NEODi (4).jpg

Nagi is in college

Like a Boss (Nagi-senpai)
NEODi (2).jpg
NEORi (1).jpg

I don't know what's being referenced in the 2nd JP screenshot, but the localization replaced it with a continuation of their dead meme joke.

Crazy Taxi (game reference)
NEOTa (1).jpg

Results vs Commentary
NEOGi (4).jpg
NEOGi (1).jpg

Note: Localization replaced the short game results notification with their "funny" commentary. (not just here of course)

This Guy
NEOGi (7).jpg

Japanese & English
Loc: English & (Italian, French, Spanish) <-one of, or all of these, I dont know.

NEOGi (5).jpg
NEOGi (2).jpg

Grab some Popcorn
NEOGi (6).jpg

Fairy Princess
NEOGi (3).jpg

Opinion: I have my thoughts on these type of changes, so I included it.

Changed line
NEOybo (5).jpg

JP: I was hit on by a guy 3 times ! 「3回男にナンパされた!」
ENG: Three different people called me "miss" today-three !

Fart Joke
NEOybo (2).jpg

Beat talks like a retard
NEOybo (6).jpg
NEOybo (3).jpg
NEOBee (1).jpg

The Pigs
NEOGau (1).jpg

Localization adds a police insult

It's ya boy
NEOybo (4).jpg

Spill the Tea
NEOKiw (1).jpg

Don't fear the Reaper
NEOKiw (6).jpg

Someone is collapsed/dead(?) after fighting a reaper
JP: Shocked
ENG: Sarcastic sounding song reference

Top-Tier Troll
NEOKiw (3).jpg

Kween [Variabeauties]

Localization made the Variabeauties a bunch of sassy gays

GodTier (untranslated)

Not sure if "神の遣い" means the same thing as 神の使い(messenger of a god), so I'll just leave it untranslated.
Localization choose to translate it as "God Tier"
Also, Shoka calls him "スス兄 / Susu-Nii" in the JP

Reaper Creeper
NEOClea (1).jpg

Smack him on the head if I want
NEOClea (2).jpg

Like a Janitor?
NEOClea (3).jpg

ENG: Adds a joke to inner dialogue

A little different

3rd TL is not literally what she said, I added Romaji to clarify
This one is a little different, so I added it.

I'm done with this thread for now.
The localization's shit writing is all over this game, but I think this is enough examples to show what kind of localization this is.
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"yea man I'm gonna add a funny haha refrance to a fucken internet meme from 2002~04, cuz dat shits hip with da kiddies yo"

remember these people think they are creating fine art with this bullshit cuz "ma localization theory" or whatever the fuck


You got to be fucking kidding me with this shit?

I was so looking forward for this game but now it looks like i have to import it from Japan now.


So basically, localization in this game means :
- people are more rude overall, especially the girl who suddenly got a Tourette Syndrome.
- adding meme speak I guess.

I've seen the "ruder" (American) English often before, so the meme speak is the actual new thing in localization works.


"yea man I'm gonna add a funny haha refrance to a fucken internet meme from 2002~04, cuz dat shits hip with da kiddies yo"

remember these people think they are creating fine art with this bullshit cuz "ma localization theory" or whatever the fuck
Reading the comparisons really made me exhausted. The last three examples were the worst especially the guy in a red hoodie. How the fuck do you end up doing so many little and big fuck ups like that??? Also, the galaxy brain is used as a negative thing to criticize someone, it's not a complement. And can these fucking alphabet localizers just stop making everyone in these games soooooo insufferable and rude to other people in general????????:hana-disgust:
And Lord, I hate that localization theory bitch.


Once again I'm not surprised by this trash localization or more like rewrites judging by some screenshots. If these people aren't inserting their inter-sectional trash or censorship they are taking the seat of the writers. These morons probably could not help themselves inserting trash even under gunpoint.

Are there even "normal" translators working at all in these localization/(US) based branch offices? Probably not because most of these offices are located in California and therefore have a very polluted recruitment pool filled with snowflake graduates. Graduates who are butthurt they could not get "real" translator or teaching job or/combination of normie or Big Bang Theory tier anime "fan" who thinks the medium is problematic.

With the popularization of the anime/manga in the West. I wonder how long it will take for even the normies to see how much trash localizers are inserting. Though, I fear the vast majority of normies will defend it out of ignorance or parrot the lies of localizers.


I'm too tired to refute anymore. And then there's people like, "if you don't like it, just play japanese one smh". BITCH, if I have to play the original game just to get full experience, doesn't that means, you know, the localization failed to do their fucking job?!?!


Most liked comments I saw from other sites.

“Keep hiring alphabet subhumans and we get s**t like this. Fxxk you, Square-Enix.”
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Fuck Twitter defending this abysmal translation. TBH, Twitter used to be a great place where you can engage with people who has a same interests as you without any worries. Now that place has become a shithole where it's now full of pretentious people ready to defend, and attack you by throwing ad hominem, and strawman arguments for breathing incorrectly.
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Fuck Twitter defending this abysmal translation
Our side is using actual (JP-ENG) examples, so they can argue and defend the localization all they want.
All that matters is that more people see it and make their own mind if they want to play a game with this type of localization.


Old tweet, but I want to say this.

Tweet || Archive

If this is true, then why the wokealizers who's responsible for translating this game, and the other wokealizers who are defending it on Twitter are lying? What are they trying to hide?