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Planefuckers rise up


I'm making this thread for any DCS enthusiasts as I'm one myself.

Feel free to share your experiences, screenshots or ask around if you need help with modules

I'll just leave this here if anyone's got the F/A-18, it's a great explosive livery for causing war crimes. If you find or make other liveries of the cunny (or generally weeb) variety, feel free to drop them here as well


↑Here's a sneak peek of the beauty

If you're also searching for a wingman, this is probably the place
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Haven't broken out my stick in a minute, but I had a lot of fun in the FC3 Su-27.
I believe that, the Sukhois are extremely fun, I'm quite sad we don't have a 6 DoF one (although a MiG-23 is supposed to come sometime in the future! By RAZBAM, so probably late 2028 at the soonest...)

Have you tried any older Soviet tech? Namely the MiG-21bis, that one's absolutely delightful, albeit a bit difficult to fly.