Discussion "Everything is politcal" AKA i am a miserable depressed person and i want you to be as miserable as me too.


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Its something thats been going on alot that everything is political, case in point video games. And i've been playing video games for my entire life and i can tell you, there is nothing political at all about stuff like TWEWY or Parasite Eve and i can imagine Parasite Eve like Astral Chain getting the shitter because of the characters being cops and ACAB/BLM gang would terroize Japanese developers for being racist for making that kind of game. :/

People don't wanna be gaslighted as lets call it what it is not lectures but gaslighting into villains for liking said media and wanting to enjoy it. And there's wokie competions to see who can outdo the other for most opressed and most woke.

And i'm getting side tracked here but to end this off on a more "positive note" its good to see artists like this one come and take a stand against pseudo intelectual liberals like this animal fucker get a huge karma is a bitch moment lol.

So yeah whats your thoughts on this stupidity caused by terminally online idiots?