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Do to how forums work your limited to just having a small avatar. So this thread is to give the art justice. And because I'm curious. So post your avatar in full resolution and if you know the artist way not give them credit.

So I guess I start. art by ueshita.

Never edited this post after I changed avatar so here you go.

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ah, I have a folder dedicated to every avatar I've used, but I'll post the main 4.

Used around the time when I got Le Malin, replaced my Ai avatar for a while, but ended up switching back to Ai anyway. Still like both of them. Have 2 bodypillow, one Le Malin one Ai.
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This one I've used the most since Ai-chan is best girl, and I love the smug/lewd look on her face
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Vari-chan, the site mascot. I gotta commission more art of her :hinata-acid:
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I loved Shinobu for a while, and this was the profile picture I used the most during that time. She's still a great lolibaba.
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if you know the artist way not give them credit.
did you mean give them credit? cause uh. Here it is.

Le Malin

She is super cute:puddicat-heart: and deserves more attention. Perhaps on the banner or in a future background image.
Yeah I was trying to find artists to commission so I can make a theme for pleroma + the forum with her in the background. Atm im waiting on Pan to finish a commission since I originally wanted her to do it, but Stario finished first, and was super cute so I'm thinking of having Pans version of Vari, be her sister.
When ever that gets done I'll commission a background picture with both of them in it. One on either side of the screen.
I'd also like to get some emojis of her, or a picture I could use as the forums logo. We need a new one anyway, I may be certified by adobe, but that doesn't mean I have any design skill lol.

I'm an artist, so all my profile pics have been cropouts of my OC Yolanda. The current one is from here:

Click for full res (will take you to the original post on my Pixiv). Totally doing that on purpose.

For other profile pics, I like derpy/troll ones because of the smug energy. On Discord I use the Golden Seedling from Bug Fables.


Look at this adorable fella.

Felt obligated to share my avatar since @Halo had commented favorably on it. I could not find an original resolution of what I use, but apparently the image is an edit using original art (enclosed) from the original artist, Konbu Wakame, and some nice looking background. For those who don't know, the character is Jahy from Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai!


  • [konbu wakame] jahy 51c94.jpg
    [konbu wakame] jahy 51c94.jpg
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translation gundam
yuji-l link to artist

oliolio link to artist

takeda yuuko link to artist

hungry clicker link to artist

I mostly use RX-78-2 Gundam or Quattro Bajeena (not Char Aznable) for my avatars.
because I like mecha and also people tell me I sound like a machine.
the Quattro Bajeena profile picture is to test how well I am going to fit into a group and also at this point most of my online identity me as Quattro Bajeena (not Char Aznable)
these are the ones i like to rotate.


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