NSFW Heavy Gunner's Sexual Escapades(Maplestory 2 Smutfic. Contains watersports asides from the usuals).

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Ch1 Summary:​

When Heavy Gunner tries to propose to Jenna, the latter makes a rather false hypothesis that drags Aisha along for a personal experiment between them!


Originally my first ever smutfic, adapted from an Erotic Roleplay(ERP) seen many changes as to make sure its all good, and stars a few of my favorite characters in Maplestory 2. Enjoy!

Edelstein, one of the notable frontier towns of Taliskar. Situated from the far reaches of Victoria Island, it was home to many impressional inventors making home to stake their claim on the booming technological market which is capitalized beyond the region itself. The town was filled with various houses stuffed with all sorts of sciences, each incubating a would-be genius that tried to strike rich in ideas. This fostered a sense of camaraderie between them, whether it be their works or from the highly famed Edelstein academy of Science. While most settled to build quick-fix gadgets or toys, a few would go beyond to build game-changing inventions that would change Maple World and beyond. Though, such a story would be for a later time, as there was a discovery yet unclaimed till now between three who shared a bond with one another.

Said trio within Edelstein were: The [Genius Inventor] ‘Heavy Gunner’ who was called 'H' by a few, his [Adoring Assistant] Aisha, and his [Mentor] Jenna. Heavy Gunner, being the man he was, had two plans: to prove his worth to Claire—whom he was dating long ago—while he tried his hand with Aisha and Jenna. Both were easy, as Heavy Gunner skillfully managed his relationships with the three in order to build them up, making sure to give them equal attention despite their status in his own eyes. Yet, it didn't mean something came up between them at times. Hence why Heavy Gunner always made sure to court and flirt with them constantly, sometimes successfully even. The ones that were not successful led to interesting results instead.

Drinking a bottle of fizz in one go as to show off to Jenna, Heavy Gunner was confident with both his brains and his looks and was certain he would woo Jenna. What sort of woman could resist his charms after all? Especially to the girls of his own dreams!

Though, there was still one minor problem, or rather a major one. Outside of the force, he missed out from his personal equation that had not factored in when he wrote the formula… "No, it's not that small! Where did you even get the idea from?" The Heavy Gunner gagged on his drink.

Jenna teased him about his cock size as she wondered how good he could be in bed. He thought he could save it for when they actually do it, which was when he knew that they were ready to take it on. “Heh, are you SURE you could even satisfy me with your size, H?! I bet you that’s why you carry such a massive cannon around! Not to mention, do you even masturbate?! You always brag about how you have ‘the finest abs for a nerd’ or ‘your good-looking face with green hair and amber eyes’ but you never told me more about your special sidearm between your legs!" Jenna laughed, slapping his back hard. The blue-haired girl’s cocky attitude and teasing quirks flowed from every word she spoke as her hands worked on polishing tools. While the duo wore the same mechanic overalls, his was duller in colour. Her’s was a brighter setup, which he considered was a ‘special gift’ at the very least from her no less. From such bonds, conversations bounced back and forth between their excitable personalities, with her wondering if HG’s current personality was the result of conditioning or if he was like that from birth.

Aisha, meanwhile, pays no heed to the situation as she hums quietly while sorting tools and boxes left and right. Once she overhears the events in the distance though, Aisha decides to take a stand against Jenna to preserve her boss’ dignity. After all, what sort of woman would slander not just a man's mental brilliance but also his physical brilliance as HG was taller than both Jenna and Aisha combined !

”I’m sure HG uses the cannon for the massive power and explosions he can make with it and has a bigger one too for special occasions! That’s kinda rude, too, comparing his size to his gun?! He’s still human, you can’t compare those two things!” Aisha retorted though, in honesty; she hasn’t seen him naked. Maybe next time, she thought, she should take a peek while he's showering to confirm her own hypothesis. The bathroom that HG had built was a good start, considering he had it planned to fit in more than just two people in one room!

"And you expect me to believe you use that same gun of yours for your 'private time'? I haven’t seen you with other men when you want to 'relax'~" He teased her back, wanting to gain the upper hand in the conversation against Jenna's wits. "If you want to, I can whip this baby out and prove you wrong! Feel free to bask in its glory once you get to see how it is~" HG says with little hindsight since he wants to prove himself.

"Aisha, come here! You'll be my witness for this act!" HG called Aisha to him as an extra witness for what was about to come. "If you want, you could make the first move and pull my pants. All-natural!" He taunted Jenna to make the first move on him. Plus nothing like a little audience to have them watch this experiment, one which would change the world like his many other experiments.

“Ehh?! R-Right now?! What should I do with these missiles and boxes though? I don’t want them to blow!” Holding two missiles and a case of shells, she looks panicked between HG and the ordinance, clearly conflicted and even flustered at the idea of him being naked in front of her.

"Fine H, let’s see if you can back your words up!!” She pulls down his overalls after closing the distance, leaving him only in his shirt and boxers first to test out the waters on seeing if his boxers were hiding something big, real big. Aisha was too busy trying to handle the sorting process while Jenna just stared wide-eyed at the big bulge. "Haha, you're really wanting to prove yourself eh?! Maybe if Aisha sees this she might be really proud to have you as her Boss!"

HG smiled upon having Jenna strip him piece by piece, before turning to Aisha to tell her what next. "Put that ammunition in a safe place then come here!" He called to Aisha while noting interest in Jenna's eyes as she takes more and more interest in what's inside after her initial surprise. "Cmon, are you gonna pull it down? Or are you gonna chicken out?" He asked Jenna while getting a good view of her cleavage.

Unfortunately, the earlier chugging of pop fizz just for a quick flex ended up making him wince with the full bladder due . "Uhh..." HG moaned slightly as to pee yet not before Jenna got to see his dick.

"Hah! Me, chicken out?! H, you're insane if you think I'd try to weasel out of proving you WRONG!" As she says the last word, Jenna rips HG's boxers down with the same intensity as his overalls, letting his cock spring forth as Aisha makes it over just to see the whole thing coming after finishing her job.

"So what's goi- EEH!" Blushing furiously, Aisha tries to close her eyes but is too distracted by the overall size of it despite not being erect yet. The more she looked at it, the more something stirred in her yet she was too embarrassed at first to make her moves. A good part of Aisha was just wanting to handle that manhood, yet being a virgin just like everyone else was more than enough to freeze her in place out of hesitation.

Jenna snaps herself around at the sight of his length. A few moments later she gives out a hearty laugh. It may be semi-erect but it was bigger than she thought it was, with his tip pointing right at Jenna’s face as the ultimate proposal to her. Silently swearing to herself, she goes up to give him a quick kiss to his cheek for a tease before slowly sliding down to her knees as her building lust drives her motions. "So... I guess you actually have SOMETHING to boast about, after all...! I’ve seen dicks big on the screen but not with my own two eyes. Hell, I’ll be damned if I say this cock is the biggest I’ve seen! Yet, having size is only one part. I wonder how you would handle a woman, especially the one that taught you everything. I hope you’re taking notes, bcause I’m gonna give you a proper run-down of sex-ed, H!" Giving him a quick stroke to get a good feel of him, Jenna’s hands felt how hard and strong his meat was despite being half-erect.

"I can handle any woman given the chance! This is my first chance though so I'll be sure to go-" Before HG could finish his words, he gave a moan as Jenna continued to beat his big meat like an oversized condiment bottle, still trying to hold his bladder while being teased around by Jenna's tongue. "How does that feel? Betcha you’ll love to suck it real good~" He asked again, regaining some composure so as to not lose his cool. Meanwhile, his mind raced for an idea on how he would get his urine release, considering the circumstance he was stuck in.

Pumping HG from the base to the tip while hearing him moan for that sweet tease, Jenna reaches for his heavy balls as well, massaging and fondling them as she watches his face for reactions. “Heh, someone’s starting to sound like me now! Hey Aisha, come join me down here and get a taste of H’s dick… If you want, I’ll even let you be the first to fondle his balls.”

“M-Me?! Why me?! I’ve n-never done this kinda thing before!” Flustered at the suggestion, Aisha’s blush burns even brighter as she stands rooted in place. HG can catch her eyes cautiously looking over to his throbbing member in Jenna’s grasp, yet Aisha still had a slight bit of hesitation in her trying to take it on.

"And now would be a great time to do so~" HG says to Aisha as the urge to pee rises. He didn't want to release his bladder now, especially in the middle of some fun times with Jenna, but he really needed to get his release to avoid a leak. This soon gave him a strangely bright idea… "You know, if you want, this cock of mine can hose a longer stream than yours!" HG boasted to Jenna, betting that she'll take his word on a pissing contest, just to see who can do it better.

“Ehh?! Ahaha, THAT’S the main reason why your face is so twisted, H?! Why didn’t you say so!! I’ll piss ya a stream you’ll never forget.” Standing up suddenly, Jenna spins him around before pushing the eager man to the back door of the Lab. Being outside, the fresh air hitting his face, she squats and spreads her pussy open after stripping down to only her top, an urge hitting her as well as to show off and prepare for the test run.

“I thought I was the only one who could do a longer stream than many other boys my age, heh... you think you can whizz out a longer stream than a girl, H? Prove it~” Mischief gleaming in her eyes as she stood beside him, while HG’s bladders scream for release and relief in such an unknown situation.

"Yeah, how are you gonna prove yourself on that one?" HG asked Jenna, mostly to see what she had in mind, not knowing she gave him a path to her equation.

“I just figured you wouldn’t want the Lab smelling of urine, so we got the back door here... feel free to let yourself go as much as you want~” Jenna replied as after all there was no one around the laboratory grounds besides HG, Aisha, and herself, which made it easier for him to relax as he got his stream up and running. The question became now if he could pee longer and faster than Jenna could. "Speaking of proving myself Watch me, H…" Relaxing herself, she starts focusing on relieving herself. Within seconds, the golden stream of urine flows free from her folds, reaching a solid 2 feet in front of her as it falls to the ground. Darkening the earth in front of her, she sighs as she releases the built-up tension, strangely blushing at the moment.

Aisha, meanwhile, timidly watches HG both from inside the Lab, Jenna's stream reflecting light as the assistant blushes at the sight. "H-How can you do that there... in public...?! D-Does it feels that refreshing...?" Asking a bit loudly, Aisha covers her mouth as Jenna turns to look at her with a cheeky smile."Of course it feels good to embrace your wild side! You should join us, Aisha, provided Mr. Shy here can even let himself relax that much!~"

"Mr. Shy my Miss Ass!" HG said after Jenna as he soon starts to relieve himself of his bladder, shooting a far more focused stream. Thanks to holding on for who knows how long, he was able to achieve half a foot longer than Jenna’s for his piss. He could feel a wave of relief coming down on him as his bladder emptied itself with ease. "Bet you couldn't match that!" HG says proudly to the girls as he turns to Aisha, wondering if she saw all of that. Though once this piss-off contest is done he'll be needing to mop the place else it'll smell like expired liquids.

“I- Oh, what the hell-” Pulling her own pants off while breaking her shyness in the process having finally overcome her anxiety, Aisha pushes between both of them, wearing a massive blush as she squats like Jenna. Sighing to herself, she squirts as she too relieves her bladder in the process. Spraying a stream in between the competing duo, she reaches a full foot further than even her boss. Obviously such an act had opened a door to a fetish Aisha and Jenna never had considered doing with HG at all, though there’s always a first for everything. With the last few drops dribbling out, Aisha’s blush burns bright as she looks at the duo who were staring at her in awe. “W-What? It’s not t-that special...”

“Not that special?! Aisha, you have distance with those lips!”

"That's my Adoring Assistant to you. Reliable as always..." HG gave a light chuckle from the commotion, secretly impressed by how long her stream went despite her usual demeanor. A plan formulated in his mind as to get things moving. "You know, since we're half-naked and all, how about we go have some fun in the bathroom? I got room for a pair of girls like you two." HG said to the duo, offering Aisha and Jenna some fun while finding something new altogether.

Standing up, Jenna licks her lips as she stares at HG's member. With the tip still glistening mildly she walks to him, her hand sliding down his chest under his shirt. “Fun in the bathroom? Are you finally going to show me how you handle a woman?”

"If you can show me how you handle a man!" He gave a playful retort to Jenna after hers, wanting to match her wits once more knowing now he can back it up.

"Alright Aisha, new task! Can you join me and Jenna in the bath? You may learn a thing or three from us if you're interested..." He said in a rather flirty tone, wanting to get things working between the girls.

“Heh... you just want us naked with you in the bath, H... gotta admit, I like the cockiness though. Too bad Aisha will probably be too nervous to join us...” Striding to the bathroom door, you notice her ass wiggle as Aisha burns brightly with a blush, annoyed at Jenna’s comment.

“I-I am not too nervous to join! Just watch!!” Aisha retorts back to Jenna, wanting to prove her worth to both Jenna and to her lovely boss. If she does it right, he might be even more proud of him, especially with that impressive stream length she pulled.

With both ladies going into the bathroom, HG hears them drawing a bath as they jab and poke at each other. The scent of the bath soap starts to hit his nose, with light hints of lavender and chamomile as they both strip in front of HG. This gave him and his growing shaft a clear view of their ample breasts. Jenna, catching the gaze, smirks before testing the bath with a sigh escaping from her lips as she slides in. “Haah... well, H? You gonna strip and join me and Aisha, or are you going to just stand there and gawk?~”

"I was about to get myself prepared, thank you very much." He replied to the duo of girls as he soon began to strip naked after the duo were both naked, their chocolate skins complimenting each other's figures while he watched them get naked. "Hmm, those tits of yours will make a great ‘sponge’ for a man's body~ Though, if you two girls get me hard enough, I can give you two a treat of my own." HG complimented the girls with more emphasis on Aisha considering her rack was the biggest he'd seen as he took off his hat, the last piece of clothing on him before he was fully nude to them and vice versa.

”Haha, then come join me in here and have a feel for yourself if you want!~” Leaning herself against the edge of the bath, pressing her breasts up as she winks at you, Aisha slides in beside her, her shyness slowly melting as even she gets a little burst of confidence, posing to HG in the bath with a wink and a smile. “O-Or perhaps he would like his favorite assistant? I do know him best after all...”

”Is that a challenge coming from the shy assistant?! We’ll see then, sister... alright H! Which would you prefer to cop a feel of first, me or Aisha?!” Their bodies glistening wet and their tits pushed up and fully in view of him, they both stare at his dick with hungry eyes.

"Easy, Easy. Two girls on this cock means twice the fun for me!" He said with confidence, enticed by their succulent bodies which were presented before his own eyes. "You know, there is something missing, something that I may have overlooked myself..." He said as he thought of what was missing, his semi-erect cock swinging with ease at the excitement of playing with the two girls till an idea came upon him.

"Aha! Come closer to the edge of the bathroom... You two could go for a kiss on me, like both of your lips on mine~" He said this coyly, finally finding the idea to start their fun lovemaking as he got closer to the edge of the bath. With his intent to join in on the skinship once he had their kiss. "Hehe... stealing our first kisses at the same time? You must be pretty bold then, H... Alright then~"

"H-Hey, no fair! I'm his Assistant, I should get my f-first one with him!" As the two girls lean against the tub's rim at the same time trying to plant their lips on his, he leans forward and waits for the first one to make it. To his surprise both girls hit their marks on their lips, their soft lips landing as each girl moans lightly giving him his deserved smooch alongside an all-sharing tongue massage at the same time. All in the while Jenna places her hand on his shoulder and tries to pull him into the tub with them with his dick hardening by the moment.

He held on onto the tub in the meanwhile, keeping his kiss between the two girls as steady as he could while entering the tub without any sort of hassle. Feeling the warm water as stepping in and of the smooth skin of the girls, his free hand began to grope them in various places. Both girls moaned quietly, Jenna a tiny bit louder due to her lack of shyness. They soon took a break from the kiss to space themselves a bit out for some 'breathing room'. It helped that he built the tub himself, something a genius like himself could do with some spare time) to fit in more than just one person inside, allowing him and the two girls to relax with ease.

"So, which parts of me are you gonna rub first?" HG says this as he relaxes his back on the edge of the tub, the tip of his near-erect manhood prodding out from the bathwater which reaches up to his waist. As such, Jenna slides against him with her breasts rubbing against his right arm as she rubs her hand along his abs. Aisha, meanwhile, timidly reaches her hand to his member, her tender yet hard-worked hands wrapping around the length as her blush grows to cover her entire face.

”Mmh... I guess someone decided to go straight for the goods, eh H?~” Giggling, Jenna nods her head to Aisha, who jumps mildly at the motion.

“W-Well... I... I was curious, and I’ve been working for s-so long with H that I...” Her voice trails as she struggles to find a reason for her boldness. Either it was the challenge, the urge to fulfill her desires, to prove herself to HG, or a number of things altogether.

"Could work with the man, personally?" He says that to her as he felt Jenna's voluptuous breasts into his chest while watching Aisha work on his manhood in the process.

"If you want, Jenna here could teach you the ropes on oral pleasure~" He says as he gives a wink to Jenna, whilst slapping her butt. 'She sure has a nice ass, no doubt' He says this within his mind, while he gropes her ass and sometimes fondles her pussy whenever possible.

“E-Eh?! O-Oral pleasure...? Wha-" Sighing as Aisha pushes against his hand with her moans still going, Jenna looks to Aisha with a grin. Aisha was b

"He means a blowjob, you weirdo... or could it be... little virgin Aisha here has never pleasured a man before?! Not that I judge myself~” Giggling as she rubs herself up and down his arm while still letting you rub her pussy, Jenna’s eyes gleam with mischief as they flick between Aisha’s face and her hand on the throbbing shaft. Sure, she too was a virgin but pornography served her well as a good substitue to her studies.

”If you’d prefer, Aisha... I could show you truly how to please him~” Sliding her hand down to said shaft once more at the same time feeling both girls stroke him, with his ears sensing the lust growing in her voice as Aisha gulps. “I... I wouldn’t know if it would m-make him feel good...”

"Easy. If he feels good, then you're making him feel good. Just usually follow my word and Jenna here will help ya out." He says this casually, enjoying the smooth strokes of Aisha's and Jenna's hands altogether on his shaft before it got totally erect. Meanwhile, his free hand kept groping more and more on her ass and had begun to slowly fondle her pussy without any trouble.

"You know, I can grope your soft butt all day and still not get bored!" He complimented Jenna's ass before looking at Aisha voluptuous tits, never getting to grope either of them if the chance was given.

"The same can be said on Aisha's tits, ever used them before?" He asked once more, mostly to tease his assistant as to see if he can inspire confidence in her. All she needed was a little help, only fair that he gave it to her after so long

“M-My t-tits?! N-No...” Her face burning bright red, Aisha not being used to talking about her chest, she shakes her head furiously as HG’s eyes stay locked on them. Laughing intensely, Jenna takes her hand away from his shaft before licking it. With one lick, a small drop of precum sticks to it as she savours his taste. ”Mm... I guess you’re ready to actually play... but first... c’mere you shy thing~”

“W-Wait, what’re you-!” Jenna pulls Aisha in for a kiss to excite HG, swapping the taste with Aisha’s as they both moan in ecstasy. Her once shocked expression melts to pure bliss as Aisha suddenly starts taking over, pushing against Jenna’s lips as their tongues dance around each other. He can’t help but watch and rub himself lightly at the scene while still stroking Jenna’s slit, the virgin opening starting to leak onto his hand with anticipation.

"I see some GREAT research potential in this~" He smiled at the two girls kissing as he gave himself a chuckle, while his hand started to feel the nectar of Jenna's pussy dripping out from her with ease. "Hope you two girls finished with that kiss, you two owe me a good blowjob!" He asked the two girls, as he swapped his hands to let him grope on Aisha's breast, feeling her honeyd pussy juices in the process out of curiosity.

”Heh... well, sorry Aisha, but watch and learn!~” Diving down to HG’s pelvis, Jenna starts licking away at his head, giggling to herself as Aisha can only stare in shock. Despite being a virgin, she expertly laps at his swollen tip all the while tasting his precum every time a drop seeps from his urethra. Trembling with jealousy and anger, Aisha watches Jenna digging into HG’s cock meat, her cheeky wink almost driving his assistant to shove her off.

”Mmh...! H, I never expected you to taste this good... Kinda surprising I waited this long to try anything!~” Licking HG from base to tip, she slips her hand to the balls to massage the globes of flesh, swirling with cum inside them as she dances and shows off her skills.

"And I never expected you to blow that good!..." He comments on Jenna's skill of her tongue as he continues to feel the sensual licks onto his shaft, feeling the groping feeling of his balls from her hands as she continues to pump him. "Don't feel down, come join me."

"Once I cum, Aisha here could put her breasts to some good work!" He boasted after enticing Aisha, wanting a nice titjob later on. Especially from Aisha’s breasts, her rack was the perfect tool for the job.

"Y-You'd prefer me to rub you with my b-breasts?!~" Her face lighting up upon hearing this, she joyously immediately scoots beside him. Pulling HG in for a kiss as she presses her chest against his arm with her pillowy breasts poking him. She moans into the smooch as her tongue pokes at his lips, seeking entrance into his mouth.

"Of course. Since Jenna is having fun down there... Have fun with me up here. Use your breasts to rub on my face, let me feel that rack of yours~" He says this ending with a smile after the kiss, wanting to feel the softness of her tits on his cheeks. It was just like recreating a few scenes from his animes, and a few more from his hentais.

Jenna meanwhile notices her happiness as she giggles lightly, moving herself to position her body between his legs. "Mm... I think I've teased you enough, H... Let me taste you fully~"

Moving into position, Jenna leans down and takes his head into her mouth, circling her tongue around you. Moaning lightly, she continues rubbing his balls as she continues to blow head, bobbing up and down lightly. "Mm... you like this, H?~"

"Good timing now that it's my first time getting blown, I'm nearly reaching my limit! Since you're good at this, how about doing it deeper, just for me!"

He said it with a moan in-between, as he felt the full pumping force of Jenna's mouth all over his cock, her tongue coiling it around like a snake as she worked with his balls.

Looking into HG’s eyes, Jenna giggled as she continued bobbing on his shaft. She suddenly takes him all the way down to the base after a wink, gagging lightly while holding herself down as her moans buzz the tip. “H-How is she able to do that...?”

Staring at Jenna in awe, Aisha starts to get even wetter as she stands and presses her breasts onto his face, her perky nipples already stiff as they brush against his soft cheeks.

"Luck or Practice. Maybe both with a thing known as VR." He answered to Aisha bluntly as he could see the rising lust within Aisha herself, smiling as she's starting to enjoy this sort of 'job' with him and Jenna together around.

Her blush fading as she starts to get more confident, HG hears a light giggle escape from his assistant’s lips. The light scent of lavender and chamomile sticks to them with ease, helping to enhance the romantic mood altogether. “A-Are my breasts as soft as you thought, H...?~”

"Please, they're the softest ones I have felt in my life! Especially for a first-timer!" He gave her a smile after Aisha’s curious request, enjoying the breast massage onto his fine face with her erect nipples in the process.

"You're almost there Jenna... Maybe I could hold out for a bit just for Aisha..." He says this, as he was reaching his limit from the deepthroating that went more and more intense as she went while using his hand once more to fondle Aisha's pussy this time around.

“Mhh... J-Just like that, H...~” Aisha clamps her thighs around his hand to keep HG against her dripping slit with a moan escaping from her throat. At the same time, Jenna pulls off his shaft as she rests it against her cheek, panting and looking deep into his eyes. Stroking him with her hand as he throws, Jenna giggles seductively while licking him.

“It’s mostly practice, H... feels good to have someone experienced blowing you though, doesn’t it? I know you’re close, but I want to see you cum for me... can you do that? Can you coat my face in your semen?~” Her tone completely changed from her cocky attitude to one of pure lust and desire, just hearing those words alone almost pushes HG off the edge of climax. Though it was never late for a little tease, planting a kiss on the tip and on his stomach before licking at him and massaging his sack once more all in the while she gave out hot, deep grasps of breath as to prepare him for later.

Before he could answer to Jenna, he couldn't hold his load back in anymore from the amount of fun Jenna had with his cock through her lips. This, alongside Aisha's breast massage, had caused him to blow his load right on Jenna's face, a few streams of cum landed onto her hair as he climaxed for the first time in his life, and with two of his favorite women too.

Jenna can only stay still as out of reflex from the loadout and take every hot string as she blinks timidly, staring while his member throbs wildly. "W-Wow... d-does he taste good, J-Jenna...?”

”Hyaa!~ Heheh... he does, Aisha. I’m surprised being his assistant you’ve never ‘aided’ him in having release~”

"Shit, that's good..." He said in blissful pleasure from their little commentary, as he quickly regained his composure from his orgasm before attending to the next matter in hand. "To answer that, too much time for Science, too little time for other things to answer that!"
He explained to Jenna, before turning to Aisha, who he knew wanted to toy with his cock.

"Alright Aisha, your turn on my meat with your breasts. Jenna's here gotta clean up real quick." He says this to Aisha, letting her play with his cock for her treat. Once he had finished his orgasm, however, she pokes at the cum with her finger before popping a glob into her mouth, lightly moaning at the taste and richness before standing and grabbing Aisha by the shoulders. HG watched as Jenna wiped more of his semen off her face as she pops the rich fluid into her mouth, she looked at Aisha with pure lust. "Give me that mouth before you go to town with these tits, Aisha...~”

“W-Wait, why- MM?!” Kissing the timid girl deeply, while seeing Jenna and Aisha swapping his cum as they both moan, the salty and sweet fluid dancing around in their mouths as they both swallow HG’s flavour at the same time.

"Boy, is it fun to watch them kiss. I wonder if I can get a good taste from under there..." HG says this to themself as he watches them kiss, taking his time to recuperate and prepare for Aisha's tit-job on his meat. So far, he liked the oral play Jenna gave to him. Though if there was one thing he would want to see, was to see Jenna deep throat an orgasm. "Hope you two are done kissing, you two seem to enjoy yourselves~" HG says this with a cheerful smile, anticipating the next while the two girls split apart from each other, gasping for air as strings of their saliva and his semen connect their gaping mouths, Jenna and Aisha look at each other before giggling.

Any shyness from Aisha melting away, she turns to look at him before sliding down onto her knees in the tub. Staring at HG’s throbbing member as it glistens with Jenna's spit plus his leftover cum, she presses it between her soft tits, immediately confirming his suspicions of how good her rack was. "H-Heh... is this how you do it, Jenna?"

"Wow girl, asking ME for advice?! You must be really hungry to please him...! Yeah, you've got the form, but now try sliding them up and down his dick while squeezing them together~" Listening to his mentor, she starts slowly moving as his dick is enveloped in her softness. His tip pokes out as she goes fully down, just barely touching her chin while precum leaks out even more, coating both her cleavage and his shaft in slick fluids. "Mm... I-I think he likes it!"

"It is my first time with Aisha on this, and damn it feels good!" He says this with enjoyment as he gets a great feel of Aisha's soft rack on his re-growing erection.

"Take it easy Aisha, if I enjoy it, that means you're doing it well and vice versa." HG added as he thought of something for Jenna for the time being while Aisha worked on his cock. "Say, Jenna, mind if I continue to grope that ass of yours? Looks damn bubbly, and with a delicious center too." Asking as he was eager to get himself some fun in the meantime

"Ooh, someone likes my ass, do they?! Can you handle the wide load I have back here though?~” Almost thrusting her ass towards you, Jenna giggles as the round cheeks jiggle slightly. Settling down, HG admires the perfect shape of her as the water runs off it, glistening while the lights reflect the shine of it. "Hey Aisha... I know you wanna taste him, so I’ll give you a little tip... try licking and sucking on his head while you titfuck him. You’ve got the flexibility for it~”

“Y-You think so? Alright, here goes...~” Bending her neck slightly to let her mouth reach to her cleavage, she starts to lap and flick at his swollen head with her tongue. Every little drop of precum that leaks from his shaft is picked up by her, swallowing each salty glob as her breathing becomes even faster and shallow as she picks up her speed. “Does it... hah... feel good, H?~”

"It feels great!" HG moaned as his manhood continued to grow between Aisha's pumping breasts, now amplified by the feel of Aisha's tongue which runs smoothly onto the tip of his cock. Meanwhile, his hands got busy once again on groping her ass, making sure to grope them as well as he did with Aisha's breasts. He also got again onto making Jenna's pussy wet once more with her fingers rubbing all over her pussy lips, not that it wasn't wet before.

"How about I'll give ya a little surprise?" HG says this to Jenna, before giving a big smooch onto her vagina, lapping up the pussy juices that leaked in turn. Later on he’ll need to taste Aisha’s too, considering how great of a job she was doing for him.

”Hyaa! T-That’s quite the surprise, H...! But it feels nice... so keep going?~” Her face looking back as she wiggles her hips in front of HG, Jenna starts dripping even more and even leaking down her leg as he sees her blushing deeply. Aisha meanwhile focuses all her energy into rubbing and stimulating his shaft, exploring other ways to make him feel good as she does it. She eventually stops licking his tip much to surprise and instead decides to take the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the flesh and flicking his urethra every now and then as she continues massaging you. Her moans rise even more, hearing her muffled speech as she tries to ask while dealing with his size in her mouth. “How does this feel then, H?~”

"Good... Good..." He replies back to Aisha this as he continues to moan once more while getting some air, feeling Aisha's suckling mouth onto the head of his cock as she continues to pump it harder and harder with her breasts. He could feel the urge to climax once more, but it seems a bit slower as due to the earlier orgasm Jenna gave. To make up for this he kept Aisha's rhythm with that of his own, as he continued to lap up and down her vaginal lips. Such love was given via a few nice kisses and sometimes a hickey every now and then. He took enjoyous advantage of her cilt with his tongue, licking it like some sort of candy in the process.

”Mmh...! K-Keep going, H...! G-God, I’m getting... close!~” Pushing herself even deeper onto HG's face, Jenna’s moans ring through the bathroom’s air as she starts gasping. Every little flick and suckle of her clit sending a shock of pleasure down her spine, she starts squealing as her orgasm gets closer to bursting. HG meanwhile was too busy to even take note of Jenna's words, but he kept on doing it harder and harder to have her climax.

Locking her gaze onto HG's, Aisha continues to lick and circle his head as her breasts press against you. Erotic squishing noises echoing around as she grinds and rubs his shaft, she changes it up lightly by sucking on the tip as well, trying to pull either precum or any other fluids towards her hungry mouth with a gleam in her eyes and a cheeky wink.

In turn, he could feel the enjoyment of it as more of her sweet pussy nectar flowed down from her vaginal lips, of which he made sure to lap it all up with ease. From the front he felt her pussy and cilt twitching within his mouth, mostly the signs of an orgasm in the coming. All the while his erection built up within him as Aisha continued to suckle his cock like some sort of bottle, with her breasts pumping onto his shaft harder and faster. Not to mention Aisha's nipples grinding onto the skin of his cock, sending pleasure down to his body from his cock top-down.

"H-Hah... A-Aisha, let's take him... out of the tub... I want to- oh fuck~ -ride his face, please...!~" Jenna's breath coming out in ragged gasps, as he feels Aisha nodding, before taking his shaft out of her mouth briefly. The girls sliding out of the tub, they crawl onto the tiled floor as they both pant wildly, staring at him as their slits drip profusely.

"Hah... H... I want you to come here so I can continue rubbing you...~" Pressing her breasts up, HG saw no hints of shyness from his loving assistant as she stared right at him with a deep blush. Jenna, meanwhile, rubs her pussy with her hand as she moans and gasps with every touch and flick of her cunt. "S-Same... P-Please, I need to feel your tongue i-inside me, H...!~"

"Alright, sure. We got some time for that. Though, let's finish what we've started in bed, as to get a good footing~" HG said to the duo, trying to hold his near-peaking orgasm as much as he could, as he led the girls to the bed fast as he could walk before laying down on its sheets. Lying down on the bed, he gave their eyes a seductive pose as to present himself to them.

"I'm all yours girls! I know you'll want that big hose right here~" HG says this seductively, eager to finish things where the duo had left off with them. Looking at each other, the girls both lick their lips and nod. Jenna straddling herself onto his face and Aisha wraps her tits back around the throbbing rod. The girls both giggle as they start grinding and stroking his big meat again, pushing his orgasm ever closer, feeling Jenna's tight pussy drip and coating his chin and mouth in her nectar. "Haah... I'm s-still so close to my edge...~"

"Mmh... same, Jenna... His dick is throbbing so wildly, I just want him inside me... feeling this pulsing slab of meat throb inside my deepest parts would feel lovely~"

Jenna’s seductive talk reaching his ears, HG can't help but harden fully at the thought of just plowing her hard and rough as punishment for acting lightly cocky. Such a thought while doing Aisha soft and smooth sounds like a GREAT plan to HG in his mind, though first he had to attend his near-peak climax. Not wanting to keep her waiting on Jenna's orgasm, he decided to try and experiment with quick, light nibbles on Jenna's cilt, making sure not to do it hard, before awaiting Jenna's orgasm into his mouth.

"H-HYAAA! N-Nipping my c-clit?! I... I can't...! I'm... cumming!!~" Pressing herself down onto him tight, gripping his hair as she gasps and trembles, HG feels her clamp him onto her pelvis as she squirts and sprays him. With Jenna's juices coating his entire face as most of it flows into his mouth, the sweetness a pleasant surprise, she screams as her breathing becomes ragged.

Meanwhile, his cock had enough of holding back within Aisha's sensual grasp and had begun to leak a lot more precum than usual, a sign of his orgasm coming up. He hoped Aisha was ready to receive her first ejaculation, from him no less.

At the same time, Aisha rubs and flicks her hardened nipples against his shaft as she continues sucking, precum flowing into her mouth as he reaches the absolute edge of his orgasm. Moaning, she buzzes the tip as she pulls off to speak quickly. "Hahah... Give me your cum, H... I know you're close, I can feel you! Let me devour all of your thick semen!~"

"He could only moan as he soon shot out a good load into Aisha's mouth, letting her drink all of his semen as much as she wanted. He made sure to let her lick every drop of semen, as not one strand of cum was wasted under Aisha's ravishing breasts and tongue working in tandem. Meanwhile, he drank all of her pussy juices, making sure to savor the flavor from her pussy lips as she climaxed onto his face.

“MMH?!~” Taken aback at the sudden explosion of cum into her mouth in the meantime, Aisha freezes slightly before reactively swallowing his cum, the seal of her mouth ensuring not a single drop fell onto her tits. Hearing her gulp, along with seeing her expression focusing on the task, he felt her moan deeply as she continued her sucking, desperate and determined to drain him empty.

With a satisfied gasp and a loud ‘pop’ after pulling off you, Aisha pants as she licks at her breasts to lap at his slick precum coating them, giggling away. “So much rich cum... H, were you craving me that much...?~”

”I think... he was craving both of us... Aisha... oh god, I can’t stop...~” Her pussy is still twitching as she collapses beside HG. Jenna gasps as she moans and rides out the afterglow of her orgasm.

"So, how's the service so far? I got time for more, but this guy needs to recharge his spirit real quick~" He says this after disengaging from Jenna's lips, a bit exhausted from his second orgasm as being his second time hitting the climax.

"I am very thankful for advances in medicine!" He said jovially, as he took a bottle of pills from under the drawer of his bed. Said bottle contained special aphrodisiac pills, which he bought beforehand as to prepare for the long 'workouts' with the girls if the time came to pass. With one pill swallowed with the help of water, he waited for a few minutes to let the pill get to work, before his manhood went from flaccid to erect just like a flash.

"Alright ladies, your man here's ready! Who here wants to get pounded by my big gun? Jenna here seems ready, though Aisha could join if she's eager enough..." HG asked mostly to see who was more than willing to give it a go.

After having climbed off his face, still dripping mildly as she pants deeply, Jenna moves beside Aisha as they both stare at the throbbing cock HG had on him. Looking at each other with unbridled lust in their eyes, they can't decide who should go first. "You know, Aisha... you know H better than I do. How about you go first on his pole?~"

"W-What?! No, I couldn't! W-Wouldn't I still need f-foreplay to be ready to take him...?!" Reaching a hand between Aisha's thighs while her mind wandered around, Jenna licks her lips as the assistant squeals, HG hearing a wet squish as her fingers slip against her vagina's lips.

"I don't know about that girl! You're pretty wet already... look at you~" Pulling her hand out as she holds it in front of both Aisha and HG, she spreads her fingers apart as the clear nectar sticks to them creating a web. Aisha blushes deeply as Jenna licks one of her fingers, savoring the taste as she holds her hand to him. "Want a taste of your assistant, H?~"

"A little taste from you won’t hurt..." He says to Aisha as he decides to take a good sample of her pussy juices, making sure to do it quick but sweet as to get her primed for her first-ever intercourse. Using the knowledge he got from orally pleasuring Jenna, he applied that to Aisha, working on her pussy lips and her clitoris with his tongue. Like Jenna, Aisha's pussy was sweet and supple, not to his surprise. As soon as Aishq was wet and primed, he could get to pounding her sooner or later.

“N-Nhaaa! H, b-be gentle down t-there!!~” Holding his head against her lower lips, Aisha moans wildly as his tongue explores every little fold and bump of her labia. Blushing, Jenna cleans off the last of her hand before sitting back, watching the two as she slowly starts to rub her own pussy and breasts.

"By the way, since it is our first time, would we need condoms, birth control pills, or something else? I could also use a bit of lube, for a smoother fuck." He asked this to the girls, out of precaution, before continuing to perform cunnilingus on Aisha. While in her ecstasy-driven lust, Aisha tries to think of what HG would need, before giving out an answer.

“W-Well, y-you wouldn’t need a condom for me since t-today’s a safe day... I d-don’t - mhh~ - know about J-Jenna though...~” Her speech slurred as while continuing to eat her out, Jenna looks to him for a little dare of her own.

"I-It’s safe for me as well, but does the man think he can really fuck and f-fill both of us in one session?~” Jenna asks before HG took note of their questions as he continued to kiss and lick Aisha's pussy up and down, savoring her nectar as he went. Unlike what he did to Jenna, his licks and smooches were much faster than before, allowing Aisha to reach orgasm quicker than usual. He needed to be careful though, as to make things comfortable for Aisha with his nibbles and all.

"If I can ejaculate twice in one session at the bath, I'm certain I can fuck and fill your pussies both in one session. With the right tools at hand, you can count me in for the job!" HG boasted to the girls, before working on Aisha's pussy as he estimated to be reaching orgasm soon.

“H-Haah! H... K-Keep going...! I...I can’t...!~" Squealing as her orgasm finally hits, Aisha grabs his hair and holds him against her pussy. His mouth filling with her nectar as she trembles and shakes, every squirt rocking her to her core, Jenna watches both as she too hits her second orgasm, spraying them both as she cries out. Coating HG and Aisha in her cum, she pants deeply as his assistant flops on her back, taken aback and spent from her own climax.

”Hah... ha, s-sorry H... I... I may have overdone it...~” Plopping on her back on the covers as well, her pussy twitching as Aisha still shivers from the aftermath. Soon enough his assistant slides her hands to her pussy as to spread her labia apart to reveal the glistening pink, virgin slit, lifting her head up as to look at HG with wanton lust glazing her eyes. “H... I can’t wait... any longer... Hah... Show me what it means to be a woman...~”

"Heheheheh... I'll be sure to make good use of this!" HG said with a gleeful smile, as he licked his lips off her pussy juices, before preparing himself for the intercourse of a lifetime. Originally he had planned to use lubricant for this yet Aisha's wetness simply invited him to go all raw in her. With Jenna watching the duo from what he saw from her, he gave himself a nod before finally doing it.

"And I'll show you what it means from a man." Was HG's last words as he positioned himself on the missionary position with Aisha, before prodding the tip of his dick onto Aisha's pussy lips. It took a few prods from his cock, but it wasn't long before he was able to fully slide it in bit by bit, till it was all the way into her. Aisha winced as she felt something in her broken, with blood slightly smeared onto his rod before he started to pound her slowly but smoothly.

“H-Hyaa!! I... It hurts...!” Slowly pumping in and out of Aisha, HG feels a wet warmth leaking out from her from her pussy juices causing her to grip and claw his back as the pain hits her. Tears falling from her face as she slowly adjusts to the feeling, her hands gradually loosen their claw-like grip on his back as the pain quickly turns to pleasure for her.
“W-Well then, Aisha...! How does it feel to have your first time taken by H?~”

“I-It hurts... but h-he’s so... big! I... I might have to d-do this more as an experiment...!~” Her moans rang through the bedroom, she reached up and wrapped her hands around his neck, panting lightly as she thrusts against HG’s rhythm. Each slap of his pelvis bouncing around the walls as she works his shaft, seeing her face turn fully red as she reaches for the lips to kiss lips.

"That's the Spirit of Science in all of its glory!... A few rounds of this and we'll get conclusive results on the optimal thrust!... Though by Tria's henehoes you are tight!..." HG says all of this, moaning from the squeeze on his dick with each thrust, as he starts to speed things up. He also made sure that both he and Aisha were comfortable as he got faster, mostly to let them enjoy each other. Before he could speak any more, he took in another kiss from Aisha's lips. This round such a kiss was much more passionate than before, allowing him to thrust harder in the process.

"Hah...! Keep going, H... Please, make me feel you fully...!~" Her kiss muffles both of their lips as she wraps her legs around you, her face blushes deeply as Jenna sits and watches them both. With every thrust, Aisha's breasts bounce as her breathing and moan inside the kiss grow deeper and more shallow, enjoying his dick as he pushes deeper into her.

"Y-You two are really getting into this... m-mind if I help out down here...?~" Feeling Jenna's hot breath by the balls, he feel her lick and suck at his sack as HG continues fucking Aisha, the surprise action both tensing his senses up but also turning him on even more.

"You'll be feeling full once I pump all of my baby-batter into you!" He replies this through their kiss as he could feel her legs gripping on him like a lock, of which he kept pounding her harder and harder. Jenna licking on his balls helped him the most as he pushed his body to the limits, keeping his thrusting steady and strong as he was about to reach his limits soon. He estimated in a few minutes, he and Aisha would reach their orgasms together, of which he was certainly pleased it would happen.

“H-Haah...! I-Is that... so, H?! W-Well then... p-pump my pussy f-full of your s-semen...! I-It’s s-safe for me!~” Her speech gapped between her gasps and pants, HG feels her legs tighten even more as she intends to have him cum deep into her. Hearing giggling from behind, Jenna pulls his balls from her mouth, an audible ‘pop’ is heard as she continues licking and sucking the globes.

”F-Fuck, I’m getting so wet from watching you t-two fuck like rabbits...! H, you b-better have some energy leftover for this t-tight pussy of mine!~” Still fingering herself as she moans and cums again, spraying behind her and coating the covers of the bed in her nectar, Jenna pants as she continues to play with him, moving her tongue slightly to lick at the point where his dick enters Aisha.

"I'm a-bought... to cum soon... enough! So brace yourself... for the Orgasm... of your life!" He says this with a proud smile, as he pushes his body to his limits into smashing her now.

"Tell me... If you are really ready for the climax!" HG says it again more and more as he kept on moaning, feeling the tightness in her pussy squeezing onto his shaft with every hard ram onto her pussy. It was as if he could almost pass out, but with how pleasurable it was he kept ongoing.

Aisha’s tits bouncing heavily with each thrust, her moans turning into squeals of pleasure whereas just a few minutes ago she was still a virgin, she looks into HG's eyes with lust and passion as she smiles, nodding quietly as she wraps her hands around his neck. "P-Please, H...! I... I'm already getting s-so close...!~"

With Aisha’s fingers digging into his back as she starts gasping, he could feel her vaginal walls clenching and pulsing around him with each push, trying to milk HG of every last drop. From behind, meanwhile, Jenna starts lapping at Aisha's slit and his shaft as she continues fingering herself, despite just orgasming a minute prior. "Mhh... you both taste so sweet together...!~"

"Here it comes!... The greatest moment in our lives!..." He tells her this as he was close to climaxing, the tip of his cock leaking sweet pre-cum as he pounded her into her deepest yet. "...I hope you'll love this as much as I love you, Aisha!..." Were of the last words, before he finally let loose his first ever orgasm within him into her, giving his loudest moan as he went. He could feel the bliss of his cock rammed into the deepest part of her vagina, while also feeling the tightest squeeze of her vagina walls. His balls were near-exhausted as it pumped loads of cum into his big gun, which sprayed all of its load into her like a hose. He could feel the hot liquid dripping out of her lower lips, but most of all, he could feel his greatest achievement being done right before his own eyes.

"HYAAA! I-It's so warmmm!~" Aisha’s back arching as HG buries himself to her womb, her scream bounces off the walls as she digs her nails into his back. Her legs pressing him against her as she quivers and trembles, his dick surrounded by her walls as they pulse and pulls him in deeper like a vacuum, HG could hear Jenna gasp from behind them both.

"O-Oh my god...! H... I'm sorry, but...!~" Without another moment of hesitation, Jenna pushes her mouth against the back of his shaft and Aisha's pussy, slurping and sucking at any of his cum that leaks out. Her moan vibrates her mouth, causing both HG and Aisha to shudder at the sensation, she greedily swallows every last drop of semen.

With the climax finished HG could finally relax and catch his breath after the orgasm, which drained him most of his energy was more than an enjoyable experience overall. "Well, I can finally tick that off from my bucket list..."He said with a smile, as he noticed the scratches from her nails onto his back. Shrugging, he turned to Aisha first, who seemed tired from that act

"Hey, Aisha, how was the ride?" HG asked with a smile while rubbing her cheek. Once he was done with Aisha, Jenna was next, and boy was he gonna make it fun.

“Ha...ah... it was... f-fantastic...~” Out of breath and almost fading off to sleep as she twitches, cum still leaking from her pussy while she lays in the same position, Jenna starts laughing as sitting behind them both, the sight both arousing and making her giggle. "Damn H, you really fucked her silly, didn’t you?! Even for a virgin, you really took no stops with that pussy... question is, can you do the same for me...?~”

"There's no problem I cannot solve! Hold on..." HG answered the question as he turned to the drawer once more, intending on getting in one last pill for the day to avoid overdosing himself. One pill per orgasm as he knew it and the maximum he set for himself usually was two unless he aimed for the orgy. Though the more orgasms he had the better was his stamina, and it shows.

"Hmm, since I already did Missionary... Would you want to try Doggystyle or Cowgirl? With your perfect ass I'll recommend Doggystyle..." HG gave a perverted smile to Jenna once more, as his dick rose again for this fine, final ride.

”Heh... You just want to be in control, don’t you H?” Jenna gave a smile matching his and began to crawl towards him.

"Of cour-" Before HG could finish answering, she pushed him on his back much to his surprise. Straddling his pelvis, HG felt her pussy and thighs grind on the tip, before taking out a small bottle of lube from the drawer just for the occasion.

"I may be dripping wet, but I still think this should feel quite ‘hot’ for both of us...~” Squeezing a generous amount of the slick liquid onto his cock, she rubs it all over him as HG starts to feel the heat. Giggling, she grinds her snatch on his tip once more to turn up the heat even more.

"Hope you’re enjoying this friction activated lube, H... I got it special order in a back alley shop in Edelstein, and it’s quite the ‘hot’ buy right now... as for you fucking me, which hole would you like me to ride you with, my little stud? My mouth, or my virgin pussy...?~” Flicking her finger along his chin as she stares right into eyes, he can sense her lust building deep within her.

"I can handle you in any position anyways!" He boasted to her, despite the change in plans. The only thing he wondered was for how long she'll be doing this, if only to push himself even harder.

"Well, considering you are a virgin... Let's go with your pussy! I'll make sure to make you mine alright! Just right after Adoring Aisha!" HG gave a smile to her, after moaning from a few rather tight pumps onto his shaft with the lubricant on her palms. "Just don't faint on me, will ya?" Was his last words, before bracing for impact as to prove who’s better at bed.

”Hah! Me, faint?! H, you clearly misjudge me... however, I ask one thing of you-” leaning down to his neck, she nips HG lightly and gives him a light hickey as she whispers into his ear. "Go easy on my pussy... I am still a virgin... and I am kinda afraid of how much it’ll hurt...” A slight tremble in her voice with complete honesty in spite of her extreme arousal. Sliding herself back towards HG's dick, she lifts herself up and points him right at her lips. Lowering herself down just barely kissing her entrance, feeling the heat emanating from it as she braces herself all the while HG sees this instead as the perfect opportunity to prove himself. “I-I hope you’re ready, H... A reminder to just be gentle at first, please~”

"Ohohoh! I'll let you be sure to get used to this!" HG said to her with a rather cheeky smile, as he sneakily slipped his hands onto her hips. While he made sure he would go gentle, he didn't make sure of how he would do it. With one gentle yet strong pull, her pussy lips kissed onto his head. With each push from her end, she could feel a part of her tearing up as she made it all the way to the base of his cock with lubricant making such a process much easier. "Mind if I make you feel good?"

”Hnn! F-Fuck, a-all the way at once?! T-This hurts...!” Just like Aisha before her, Jenna’s clenches in tight on his shaft due to the girth fitting in her virgin pussy. Despite the pain, she still clenches her fists as she keeps herself rooted down on HG's pole. Her chest heaving as she gulped, with hesitance forming with closed eyes. “W-Why did I try to be s-so cocky with all this before...?! I’m no expert...!” A tear forming beside her eye, a surprising sight with Jenna, HG can’t help but feel mildly sorry. Yet as to not give up, she nods lightly as she rests one hand on him against her hip. "D-Do what you please to m-make me feel good... j-just be gentle, H...~”

"By the time I'm done with you, you'll be satisfied as the next girl! If I can make Aisha feel good, I'll be sure to make you enjoy this!" He encouraged with a smile as he began to gently move her up and down as before, giving her some breathing room while he slowly syncs his rhythm with hers.

"H-Haa...! G-God damn, d-did you always feel... this thick, H?! I... I'd like to ride you m-myself, but let me get o-over this pain..." Still wincing lightly as her pussy wraps tight around his dick, she gives him control over her hips as he slowly fucks her. Every thrust acclimating her to sex, she starts moaning in a short time as he feels her loosen a bit, still tight enough but not so much to choke on his rod.

"This lubricant feels very good... If you could lend me a bottle I would love to replicate a few~ Tell me if you wanna try riding me on your own, I wanna see how you would do it." Said with a moan afterward, as he continued to work her hips up and down onto his shaft. Eventually, she rests her hands on his stomach, her breasts rising and falling with every bump of their pelvises. Confident that she's over the pain, she starts moaning as she begins bumping against his rhythm, increasing the pleasure as the lube heats itself up. "I-If I can find another bottle o-of this stuff, I'll let you make as much as you w-want... f-for now, let me enjoy this...~"

"Sure thing sugar. I'll just sit back and enjoy the ride~" He says this rather smoothly as giving quite the grin to her bubbly chest, which while smaller than Aisha, was cute in its own right. Before then, he could feel the rhythm of her hips as she pumped up and down onto his shaft, her vagina giving a good squeeze of his cock with every flex from her hips. Curious as to see how Aisha was doing, he turned his head around.

"Hey, how was the ride? Was it fabulous?" He asked with a smile as he held one of his hands with hers, happy that he pounded her well. With no response, he sees that Aisha has fallen asleep happily with her legs splayed open, his cum still leaking from her as she quietly mumbles to herself. A smile forming on his lips, he turns attention to Jenna, still bouncing herself on his dick slowly but deeply.

“F-Fuck...! This lube f-feels so much better than what I thought... and god, you feel s-so much thicker than I thought, H...!~” Her breathing turned into light panting and gasps as she leaned forward onto her arms and on his abs, pulling and pushing herself up and down with an increased tempo. Her small yet cute tits bobbing with every movement, she gazes at you as her eyes glaze over with lust.

"And you are... much tighter than I thought! If I may, would you mind if I told the others I fucked ya?" He said, maintaining his breathing as he continued to feel the bounce of her hips inside her. With every movement up and down, her pussy squeezes tighter and tighter onto his hardened shaft. Meanwhile, his other hand began to grope one of Jenna's breasts, as to make things spicier between the duo.

”H-Haah...! Y-You want to tell everyone you f-fucked the cocky Jenna?! M-Maybe you can... but only if you c-can make me cum! A-Are you up to the task, H...?~” Her breath escaping in light gasps, she picks up the pace as she rides him, her hand reaching up to cover his against her breast as she gives it a kiss. Every push causes her to tighten against him, her face turning flush as her tongue starts to stick out of her mouth. Wearing quite the ahegao expression, she starts mumbling to herself as while drilling inside and kissing her womb with each thrust.

"I ain't gonna pass this bet up!" HG says to her as he keeps on with the pace, wriggling his cock inside her tightening vagina as it hardens even more from within. Watching her face go red with lust while she starts to mumble oddly, mostly from the utter pleasure she's having inside her. "How long are you gonna do this? Because this guy can hold it as long as he wants, just for you!" Asking with a grin on her face, eager to see what happens next.

”I-Is that so?! W-Well then...! I h-hope you can back up that claim!!” Pausing for a second, she reaches down to the base of his dick. Hearing a click, followed with a tight squeeze around him. Looking down, there was a ring clipped on as she laughed. The tight sensation caused him to moan slightly as she resumed riding HG, watching her smile flashing cheekily as she gazed into his eyes. ”Can you outlast me as well as you say you can...? Here’s m-my challenge... y-you have fifteen minutes with t-that ring blocking your orgasm... make m-me cum three times, and you can pump me f-full of your thick cum and brag to e-everyone that you gave me a creampie... or else all you get is release onto my body~” winking, she books his nose lightly as her thrusting resumes, her walls tightening around him once more.

"Unusual problems require unusual solutions! I can assure you as a genius I can solve that issue without any issues!” He said to her very confidently, as he let her continue to ride her with ease. While the ring wasn't an issue, making her cum three times was quite the challenge considering the situation. An idea came to him of which he used his free hand to slowly get close to her clitoris and of her peehole. Once at the very tip, he began to simply fondle it with ease. If she wants her three orgasms, she's gonna get her three orgasms full on the peddle.

”O-Oh my, going straight for my nub?! Y-You really must be d-desperate to tell everyone you- Hah!~ -fucked me, H! Ohh god, t-that actually feels good...! K-Keep going...!~” Leaning down to rest against his chest, with his hand squishing against her clit, she rubs her nipples as the hard nibs of flesh leak onto him. Her breathing labored and deep as her face is deep red, she kisses to his lips lightly while staring into his eyes.

"Not desperate, just smart! A good inventor always improvises in the face of scarcity!" HG says in return as he continues to fondle her clitoris, holding back on her poundings onto his cock as much as he can. He wasn't gonna lose that little game he had with hers, especially on the sexual side of things. His fingers kept on playing with her clitoris as much as he wanted, pinching it and tickling it from time to time. Meanwhile, he also attended to her peehole, prodding it as much as he wanted till he got her climaxing.

”H-Haah! H...! I-It feels so w-weird to have someone r-rub me there...! B-But I kinda l-like it...!~” Resuming her thrusting, challenging his willpower as best as she can while his hand stays glued to her urethra and clit, Jenna starts moaning even deeper as HG's thighs slap against each other wetly. On the other end, he could feel her nipples leaking even heavier, a cold and wet spot where each nub pokes his chest.

"How long do I need to make you cum? Because I'm gonna keep doing this till I make you cum!" He says with vigorous pride as presses on, prodding with his fingers from time to time. "I almost got it!" HG says again, noticing how her nipples had begun to lactate milk out from her breasts, despite the lack of pregnancy.

"H-Haa... f-fuck, H! Y-Your finger's p-poking me in t-the right spots...! G-Gah...! I'm... gonna... c-cum! HAAH!~" Riding his dick furiously as his hand sticks to her clit, she slams down hard on him as she screams. Her pussy clenching like a vice around you, she sprays his stomach in her cum as she buries her face into the neck, muffling her scream with his hand still flicking and pinching her clitoris and urethra.

"One down, two more to get going!" HG replies back to her, noting that there was 10 minutes left on the ring since it was on before he could cum inside her. However, he noticed the ring's flaw: That it would only allow him to not cum, but let him urinate on her due to the way it was specifically designed, of which he got a crazy idea. "Say, I have not taken a good piss since we started this and my bladder got some juice left in me, would you mind if I use your vagina as a urinal?" Saying this both sly and kinky, as to see what she thinks about this. After all, she seemed the experimental type, though the same might be said for Aisha too after all of this.

"W-What?! Y-You want to do what through inside my snatch?!" Stopping suddenly, her breathing turning to shallow pants, Jenna stares at him with a look of shock and slight curiosity, her vagina still clenching him tightly as it pulses around him. "I-I mean... If y-you think it'll help me c-cum even more, g-go for it...? I suppose I can a-always clean myself out... b-but where'd this come from?!" Shifting herself, she can feel her slick cum rubbing against him as she looks up to eyes with eagerness within her mind. "Is... is this idea because I squirted on you? Hehe... Thinking of some depraved shit now aren’t you, definitely being kinkier than I thought... Alright hotshot... I'm curious, so let's see how this will go...~" Reaching back to his sack once more, she starts fondling him. as she continues her grind, gyrating her hips as she rises and lowers with the tip kissing her womb.

"My inspiration came from something much earlier, but by the time I'm done with you, you'll be wanting seconds later on! That is, if you can recover as fast as I can for tomorrow!" He says this to her with a sensual smile right to her face, continuing to enjoy the grind with his will holding onto the oncoming orgasm as much as he can. Meanwhile, his hand continued on to fondle once more, intending to make her climax again as his bladder was filling itself up in excitement on what comes after.

Pushing herself down onto HG's dick as he prods at her womb, her free hand snakes up to her breast as she massages and rubs it. With every squeeze, HG could see her leaking milk more and more while her moans got loudly seductive. The liquid drips onto his chest, he can't help but hunger for it while her tits bounce. "H-Haa... F-Fuck, H... I... I might get addicted to... your d-dick here...! S-Sorry A-Aisha... but I m-mkght have to take H from you this round...!~"

"Don't need to take me from Aisha... I already pleasure two women in one sitting! Maybe next time I even might go for three!~" HG boasted as he replied back to Jenna's words, eager for a special harem of his own once he gets rich and saves the Maple World via his brand of Science. Though, the other plans would have to wait as he watches her vagina clench and squeeze onto his primed cock, which soon turns into an orgasmic crunch onto his cock. All in a while, with her pace picking up, feeling her snatch quiver and clench around his cock repeatedly, her pants turning HG on even more as she clutches her tit tight. With so much moaning, one can tell she's close to her second orgasm as her face turns bright red.

"H...! I'm... gonna cum a-again...! G-God, w-why do you feel so good...?! H-Here it... comes...! MMH!~" This gave him the opening needed to let loose all of his piss inside her, urinating it warmly within her vagina, drenching his cock in the process as it dribbled down from her pussy lips. "H-Hyaaa!! I-It's so... warm i-inside my pussy...! F-Fuck, I-I'm sorry, H... I... I've been t-trying to h-hold it in...!~" With a moan and a sigh, HG feels Jenna squirt his finger before a stream of urine flows from her urethra, her face completely red as she relieves herself onto both his hand and stomach. Still squeezing her breast, she gazes at him with her face unashamed, kissing his neck. "I'm... sorry, H... I just couldn't... hold it back anymore... God, I feel so... dirty, doing this...~"

"Wait till we try again next time. You just gave me a few good ideas~" HG said with a chuckle, as feeling her urine all over his loins, the warm liquid glazing on his skin with ease from the lights that shimmer its color. "With that said, you still got one more orgasm, how about we ride this one out? Letting me cum in ya would be a good way to end this~" HG said to her, with a smile directed to her eyes, happy with the turn of events that happened. His idea was answered as reaching to the band she snapped onto him, feeling the ring being undone all the while panting. With the ring gone, he felt a massive relief like a weight lifted from his balls. Shifting lightly as she puts her hands back on his stomach, touching hers and his piss without a care, she stares into his eyes as they are glazed over with lust.

"Hah... f-fuck this challenge... H... I-I don't care anymore... I want you... to fuck me hard... fill my dripping wet cunt with your thick batter... m-make me wish I could get pregnant with your baby...~" Kissing him deeply, the light scent of urine in the air around both of them, she presses herself tight against him as she moans into the smooch. Waiting for him to take advantage of her, she is surprisingly loose as she breaks the kiss to whisper into his ear. "You can tell everyone... whatever you want... just fuck me and fill me up~"

"That's all you needed to say~" He replied with glee from her words as he began to move his hips hard and good inside of her, wanting to warm his cock up for the up-n-coming climax he was holding out on. As he pounded into her hard and good, he held her hand with his on one side, and groped her ass with his hand on the other side. Taking in the smooch with pride, he pounds her a few more times, wanting to time his climax to match with hers. "H-Hyaa! W-Wait, H...! F-Fuck me d-doggystyle...! Let me... feel you kiss my hungry pussy's depths... make me crave your semen...!~" Her panting went in sync with every thrust up, pleading HG with her eyes glossed in lust for the request.

"Now you're talkin!" Replying back to her, as he used all of his strength to first carry her up while her cock is still inside her, before then turning her from behind, letting her front side of her body land with ease, with her head comfortably on the pillow where he rested before. He made sure to be careful as to not bend his cock in the process, but he was able to successfully pull it off without any major troubles. All in a while her pussy clenches him tight, grinding against his pelvis while she spins and shifts, giving him some extra stimulation as her free hand caresses HG's balls still. "Rest in pieces!" He said to her before he started to hump her real hard and really good.

"Ohh f-fuuuuck, H! P-Pulling m-me like this w-without even pulling o-out?! I-Is my pussy t-that good to you?! F-Fuck, I'm already...!" Hearing her moan and tense up, Jenna staves off her impending orgasm as she hungers for HG thrusting deep into her. Wanting to extend the doggy style thrusting as much as possible, she leans back and nips at his neck while her breasts bounce in front of her roughly, each bump of his thighs making them jump and bob even more than the last.

"You wanted a ride, you're getting a ride!" HG notices what she was doing to hold up her orgasm as long as she wanted, of which he decided to play along with it for the fun of it. "Tell me when you are ready! I'm nearly about to blow right in you! HG moaned as his thrusts began to slow down, but were much harder and more intense than before. "This big one is just for you!"

"Mhh! H...! P-Please... I-I can feel you throbbing i-inside my pussy... I-I've been h-holding out for you... so j-just cum...! L-Let me cum from your s-semen flowing into my sopping cunt...!~" Her voice breaking with every thrust, she leans forward as she gives up fighting HG. Her face and chest pressed into the bed as he thrusts deeply into her vagina, his dick kissing her cervix with each push, she moans as she bites the covers, her walls clenching him even tighter due to the position as it quivers and pulses with her growing lust.

"Here it comes... The big one!" HG says this to Jenna as he finally gets to blow his load inside of her, this time much more intensely as having been holding back for so long. Giving a rather loud moan: he pumps her with all of his remaining baby-batter into her womb, making sure that her vagina was filled with every last drop of his spunk. The few drops that leaked out from her lower lips he watched with enjoyment.

"HYAAAA!! F-Fuck, there's s-so MUCH! I-I can't-!!~" Pushing her own head into the covers, she screams in ecstasy as her pussy pulses and quivers around HG, milking him of every last drop and string of sperm as she starts to slip off his shaft. Worn out and thoroughly fucked, she flops flat onto her front as her snatch leaks HG's seed, her panting, and gasps being heard through the covers to HG’s delight.

Mumbling to herself quietly, HG doesn’t notice that Aisha has woken up, scribbling down notes in her own book as she fingers herself at the erotic scene while peeing herself out of sheer arousal considering how hot the entire scene went. "This is definitely going into my r-research notes...! F-Fuck, my fingers feel so inadequate...~"

"Take it easy, we got time." HG said with an enjoyed smile, giving his manhood some rest after a long ride from the energy of two girls in one go. "If you want, we could take a group photo, with that semen of mine dripping from ya. How about that?" He asked his duo, wanting to end the ride with a nice shot of the trio.

Glancing over at Jenna, Aisha giggles as her mind decides one last kinky scene. “H-Hey H... if you w-want a picture, think you have enough in you for one more request...?~” Crawling towards him as she smiles, she reaches for HG's now-limp dick from multiple orgasms as she cleans him off, gently licking and sucking him while gazing into his eyes, winking. “Think you can let one more good load go and cover mine and Jenna’s tits and faces...? Either that... or if you need to take another leak, you could let it out all over us... your choice~”

"One load coming right up!" He said to the duo with a smile, checking on his balls to see if he had enough for one more load. The hold on his orgasm earlier filled his balls near to its brim, so it was ready to be milked for one last time. The only issue is to get his manhood working, and he wasn't gonna take another pill just for this one shot.

"Soo, any ideas to get my dick working? Can't take another pill for obvious reasons." He asked if they had any ideas as he got a remote that would allow him to control a camera drone for their photoshoot, before sitting down on the edge of the bed while he got ready for the shoot.

Leaning up as she recovers slightly from the harsh fucking, Jenna looks to Aisha and giggles as the girls wink at each other, an evil smile on each of their faces. "I think I know a way how we can revive it, and still get our cum... right Aisha?~”

“I’m down for it if you are... brace yourself, H...~” The girls both move towards him seductively, licking their lips as they finally reach HG's shaft. Both girls giving it a lick each, his manhood slowly throb back to life as they rub their tongues along him, the lingering taste of cum making them moan. As he hardens, they both wrap their breasts around his dick, rubbing him from each side as to give HG his first-ever double titfuck.

"Holey Shit, this feels soo good!" He said as he gave a moan of his own, while his shaft grew harder and stronger once again, for one last round of erotic fun. "Alright, once I cum, I'll get the photo. Make sure you two look best! Because this picture is gonna be on my wall! Maybe I'll take more and send a few to my peers!" He asked the duo this with an eager smile, as he got the titjob of his life. Hopefully, with this evidence, he could prove to Claire he really was capable of pulling off the heavy lifting.

"Ahaha, you think we'll look our best with his cum covering us, Aisha?!~ Especially for a good pal of ours?"

"You bet we will, Jenna... Besides, I need to research H here more and see what he's capable of... for my own reasons, of course~"

Their breasts sliding up and down his shaft in opposite directions, they both giggle at his moan while leaking precum to lubricate them. Their tongues teasing and lapping at his head, while paying attention to his dick, also touching each other without a care as they pay careful attention to keep him aimed to coat them both.

"How long can you do this? Feel free to make me cum as fast as you want. I got the camera ready just right here!~" He says as he enjoys the tongue-job given to the two girls on his big meat, watching them enjoy his cock in such a succulent manner. The camera drone above them positions under his command to get the perfect shot of the trio.

"H-Haa...! Should we let him release now, Aisha?~"

"I think we should, Jenna... I want to feel his hot seed coat me, after all!~"

Winking at each other, Aisha takes his head into her mouth as she sucks hard, pulling off HG with a pop as Jenna does the same. The girls alternating as he felt one of them reach for his sack, massaging the heavy globes of cum, he starts to feel the orgasm boil in his crotch as they moan and laugh, watching his reactions.

"Here it goes! My last one! Make sure to receive this one, and smile for the camera!~" He said as he soon came from the intense pleasure his dick had received, hosing the two girls all over with his spunk and his love as he went, some on their face, some on their breasts. With one click, the drone was able to take a few photos of such a moment, happy that he got to witness it all.

"HYAA! T-There's so much!!~"

"H-Holy shit, H! H-How much can you spray us with?!~"

Laughing as the girls are coated in HG's semen, they look to each other and towards the camera drone with lust. Posing seductively and even kissing and licking each other of his semen, making sure to give him many candid photos to work with, they eventually stand up as they push him onto the bed, each girl laying between him as they happily moan and pant while still wearing his cum.

"I think you look good with a face covered in sperm, Jenna...~"

"Hahah, I can say the same for you, Aisha! White suits you quite well!~"

"Of course, you two look good in sperm, considering the donor." He said to the girls with a smile, giving a light chuckle seeing them covered all over from his spunk. Maybe when Jenna meets up again, he should try something wilder. For now, he was satisfied with the results that he had got from the girls, watching how well that they performed on him and his cock with ease. "Welp, once we get a full rest, I hear there's a few spots we could meet up with, once I do some shopping for cooling parts for that new Fusion reactor project~" HG asked Aisha and Jenna, seeing if they're eager for some fun next time after his little project…

Meanwhile, at a quiet house near the roadside, a pink-haired girl reads through the photo that HG had just sent to her. Impressed by what she had just seen overall, she decided herself that he really was worth it. It might take a few arrangements, yet she was very confident she can manage them. “Lets see your surprises once we meet again, HG~” Said an excited Claire as she packed her phone up afterwards before going out shopping for a new dress.