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how do you watch anime?


I download it of nyaa and usually watch it on my computer or through a Media server like Jellyfin on my tablet


For your Fapping pleasure I would recommend, Under Hentai

The biggest problem with Anilinkz is the amount of ads it spams at you every time you try to change something on the screen like volume or in general click on it to move the episode forward.


For me it's nyaa / ripping them myself and a NAS to watch it on all devices.
Preferred player: SMPlayer (MPC when I still used Win7/10)
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faggot kys

I go to nyaa

I type BDMV

I select the biggest torrent size of my desired anime.

Wait for the download to finish after many hours, and enjoy the whole anime in one go on my 4K monitor with my headphones.

After finishing watching an anime, I encrypt it with VeraCrypt and upload it to my unlimited education google drive to archive.

Delete the files on my hard drive.

Rinse and repeat.