Is there a way to restore corrupted and partially recovered images?

My harddrive is nearly dying and crashed my computer and most of my stuff got hit but i was able to recover a lot of my important files with the command prompt. However a lot of my images saved didn't. Here's an example

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Not sure at all. This is something that people tend to pay professionals to do.
There's software out there that might do a better job than the command prompt, and though I've never used any of them, I've heard good things about "recoverit".
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

You could also try photorec; it goes after the underlying data on drives and ignores the filesystem,which might yield better results

Thank you for the recommendation. I want to try using free programs first before using paid ones.

I tried recuva first. It held less results than command prompt. Plus it didn't partially restore images just like the one i posted above.

Edit: These free ones aren't going to restore most things from several years back. I guess its time to use recoverit like Sauz talked about.

Edit 2: i was able restore some more pictures (my fate series folder thank god) are back but many of them are beyond repair (my date a live and xenoblade pictures nooooo!). Lessoned learned. I should be thankful my important life stuff is safe.
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If the data remains in the disk and you didn't write anything on it, maybe Recuva is an option as @DarkMahesvara said.
If the reference in the filesystem is lost, the data may not have destroyed (you must avoid any additional writes on the disk to avoid destruction of data), so you can recover it with the software recommended.
If the data is destroyed (due to bit rotting, disk surface damage or rewrites), there's nothing you can do in those cases.

On the topic of recovering data from disk. Anybody got any experience with EXTERNAL WD HDDs?
Quick story time. Last July when me & my close buddies were having a movie night at my neighbour's place (of course, I was the "movie guy" since I am the only 1 who knows how torrents work), and the fucking HDD fell outta my pocket on the ground (fell about 0.5m) and at first it did work a little bit but later it commited "oxygen not reaching lungs" and every fucking time I connected it to my PC it said that the device isn't recognized. Tried on both Windows 7 AND 10, Linux Mint, Ubuntu & even on my friend's mom's iToddler Macbook. It was the same everytime
on all those OS-es. I pirated at least 5 PRO versions of Data recovering software, but all of them kicked the bucket when I tried to get my data from the HDD.

If anyone got any tips to share, that would be wonderful.

HDD fell outta my pocket on the ground (fell about 0.5m)
The HDD not being recognized after being dropped sounds like something is physically broken inside e.g. the write head. Do you hear anything if you shake it and does it sill spin up? You could open it up and try to fix it but depending on how important the data is you probably should go to a professional data recovery company.

Same. Also, the 2.5'' HDDs platters are made of glass and has more risk of damage. If you will try to solve the problem (because the data is not very important), don't open it when it's on, because you can shatter the platters and hurt you.