Hololive Kiryu Coco Graduating July 1

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hololive 4th Generation's superstar announces her upcoming departure

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I wish more people thought this way. So many just pass off roommatte accounts as "no different than Twitch thots", when, at least in the case of Coco, that is far from the truth. People have loyally followed, supported, and promoters these v-tubers because there is a real personality behind the anime avatar.

I really hope she starts posting there a lot more after her graduation as Coco. She should, at the very least, get a respectable boost in subscribers, especially from those who either do not know of the account or feel comfortable watching it while she's active on hololive.
Yeah, I watch for the personality, not because of how they look.

She did stream on her birthday two days ago, and will hopefully start streaming more often now that she's leaving Cover. Going through her videos, she used to stream regularly so hopefully she gets back to that.


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I've again updated the original post with further information from Coco's recent stream regarding her plans. If you'd rather not read the full review, here are some key points:
  • Her intent to graduate was not a sudden occurrence but rather something planned months ago. This seems compatible with changes she's been making and planning both on her roommate account.
  • There is further commentary by her that promotes the "creative differences" being the main reason why she's leaving hololive.
  • She will continue to involve herself in v-tubing in some form or another.
  • This is nothing new, but Kanata is cute and based and these two are great together.
I've got to say, based on everything I've read over the last few days, I am feeling much better about this whole thing. It absolutely sucks that we'll be losing Coco as a character, there's no way around that. Really hate to see lost one of the best designs of any v-tuber, but seeing that she is doing this more on her terms rather than being forced out, either indirectly or not, makes this pill much easier to swallow.