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A thread with resources for learning Japanese


Since you don't live in Japan you will need to make studying a daily habit.
I recommend studying on the same time every day for "at least" 30min.

1: Hiragana and Katakana: Use children level stuff
I used these video with a pen and paper to write the characters.
(and I would also watch baby alphabet songs before going to sleep)
1.5: Duolingo [It isn't the best, but its a fun way to learn surface level Japanese]

2: Grammar: A beginner level book is a good start
Tae Kim Grammar Guide
今日 IMABI Another grammar guide (if things get hard, you can use this to start over and review what you've learned)

2.5: Kanji You can study Kanji gradually as you study grammar, or you could take some time to specifically focus on Kanji. Do it at your own pace.
Anki: (Spaced repetition Flashcard program)
Kanji Deck: Heisigs Remembering the Kanji (RTK) 6th Edition (Kanji with stories to help you remember)
Tip: Focus on memorizing the meaning while just reading the On'yomi and Kun'yomi readings of the Kanji, learn the pronunciations when you study vocab.

3: Vocabulary:
Core 2k_6k Optimized Japanese Vocabulary
(Vocabulary Deck) <-Switch to this once you accumulate enough kanji

Helpful Stuff:
Reajer A site for reading translated JP stories with a different difficulty levels (For some reason sometimes it only opens when click it a bunch of times)
Jisho [JP -> ENG] Dictionary
Rikaichamp - Rikaikun [Firefox - Chrome extensions] for reading kanji by hovering over them (Rikaichamp seems to have been changed into "10ten Japanese Reader")
DeepL (Translator)
ejje.Weblio a site for looking up translated example sentences
Weblio A JP dictionary
dic.pixiv A dictionary for terms you won't find in a normal dictionary (like some of the stuff on pixiv)
Animelon A site to for watching anime with JP and Eng subs (you can hover over words for their meaning, but it doesn't always work)
Itazuraneko A site with a LOT of resources for learning Japanese

- If you're also studying JP, feel free to post the stuff you use.
- Maybe I'll add AniManga and game recommendations to this thread in the future...
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May as well. Most of the manga I've been buying are mostly in Japanese from Japan. These were the ones that are unlicensed by American manga and light novel companies.
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