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A thread with resources for learning Japanese


Since you don't live in Japan you will need to make studying a daily habit.
I recommend studying on the same time every day for "at least" 30min.

1: Hiragana and Katakana: Use children level stuff
I used these video with a pen and paper to write the characters.
(and I would also watch baby alphabet songs before going to sleep)
1.5: Duolingo [It isn't the best, but its a fun way to learn surface level Japanese]

2: Grammar: A beginner level book is a good start
Tae Kim Grammar Guide
今日 IMABI Another grammar guide (if things get hard, you can use this to start over and review what you've learned)

2.5: Kanji You can study Kanji gradually as you study grammar, or you could take some time to specifically focus on Kanji. Do it at your own pace.
Anki: (Spaced repetition Flashcard program)
Kanji Deck: Heisigs Remembering the Kanji (RTK) 6th Edition (Kanji with stories to help you remember)
Tip: Focus on memorizing the meaning while just reading the On'yomi and Kun'yomi readings of the Kanji, learn the pronunciations when you study vocab.

3: Vocabulary:
Core 2k_6k Optimized Japanese Vocabulary
(Vocabulary Deck) <-Switch to this once you accumulate enough kanji

Helpful Stuff:
Reajer A site for reading translated JP stories with a different difficulty levels (For some reason sometimes it only opens when click it a bunch of times)
Jisho [JP -> ENG] Dictionary
Rikaichamp - Rikaikun [Firefox - Chrome extensions] for reading kanji by hovering over them (Rikaichamp seems to have been changed into "10ten Japanese Reader")
DeepL (Translator)
ejje.Weblio a site for looking up translated example sentences
Weblio A JP dictionary
dic.pixiv A dictionary for terms you won't find in a normal dictionary (like some of the stuff on pixiv)
Animelon A site to for watching anime with JP and Eng subs (you can hover over words for their meaning, but it doesn't always work)
Itazuraneko A site with a LOT of resources for learning Japanese

- If you're also studying JP, feel free to post the stuff you use.
- Maybe I'll add AniManga and game recommendations to this thread in the future...
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May as well. Most of the manga I've been buying are mostly in Japanese from Japan. These were the ones that are unlicensed by American manga and light novel companies.
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Awesome resource, Ene. And then after I learn Japanese in a few years I'll go learn Korean. Japanese media is most of the stuff I "consume" nowdays, and there's a tiny few Korean ones I could end up learning the language for, as well.

The mainstream deserves nothing but apathy at this point... so yeah, take the proactive route, learn something, expand your brain, and leave the west in the dust.

Done with Hiragana, and now on Katakana.
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realkana.com is how I learned both kanas, its the most barebones and simple way to learn.

I used the book Japanese Kanji for Beginners to learn kanji, it has about 400 or so of the most common kanji characters you will come across, but I've only memorized the most basic ones from general osmosis of browsing sites with Japanese text.

PDF below


  • Japanese Kanji for Beginners The method that’s helped thousands in the U.S. and Japan learn Ja...pdf
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