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This is a thread for all things Len Kagamine so all the art, music videos, programmes, etc... etc...

Let's be honest here Len Kagamine is bar none the most adorable, cutest, and sexist, most precious shotas of all shotas he's the shota of all shotas and is everything you could want in a shota

Happy vaLENtine's day! by Kiekyun on DeviantArt


Len Kagamine lovey rosy cheeks I would love to kiss and lick his bright red cheeks (he's so shy)

Kagamine Len and Rin - Len's sleeping face is best, old-school peace by KANE-NEKO on DeviantArt​

kagamine_len_and_rin___len_s_sleeping_face_is_best_by_kane_neko_d4f8sd0-fullview (1).jpg

Sleeping beauty💕
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