Drama Lewd fan art of doll from squid game gets twitter schizos seething



(Yes I know sankaku is kinda bad but since I dont use twatter this is the only way I learn about it if it has not been posted here:uni-scare:)

The art looks alright imo but the reactions are steaight up ridiculous.
Not only the art is of a clearly adult character, but the "character" in the show is not even a character its just a run of the mill creepy looking doll

So they are screeching over art that looks nothing like the thing which is not even real in the context of the show. Honestly the whole thing is so ridiculous its kind of funny:cirno-laugh:


my god this is surrealistic :asui-what:
these people are beyond mentally retarded


an archive for that sankaku link

Laundry Day

Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 18-42-43 Sexy-SquidGame-Art-Tweet-2021-Comments-6 jpg (JPEG Image, 60...png

Literally every woman on the planet is an aged up child.

Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 18-46-31 Sexy-SquidGame-Art-Tweet-2021-Comments-17 jpg (JPEG Image, 6...png

The keyword is 'was'. Now she has big boobs and thick thighs. If you told these people that adults used to be children their brains might implode.

Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 18-51-23 Sexy-SquidGame-Art-Tweet-2021-Comments-43 jpg (JPEG Image, 5...png

Really? Because to me it looks like an adult. The artist just aged up the character in a drawing.

Remember that this is what they are upset about:

A drawing of a big tiddied giantess with sexy doll joints thigh-highs. It's not even outright porn.
This is all assuming that the character is actually a child. I haven't seen Squid Game yet, but is this thing just a giant doll? Does it even speak?
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I want to strangle you guys when you don't archive the articles in the op.
It should look like this.

Article / Archive link
And the contents of the article posted below.

Squid Game, the arguably inferior Korean version of anime such as Kaiji and Danganronpa, has inevitably accrued some anime-inspired artwork on social media, with one sexy illustration sending the usual degenerates residing on the service into a rage as they claimed the image to be “sexualized” and took issue with the original character being “just a child”.

The tweet and the cute and sexy anime art paying tribute to Squid Game: Only a modicum of the thousands of complaints tearfully typed by those upset with the extremely tame illustration, most of which were seemingly composed by Koreans and deranged k-pop worshipers:
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I got b& for a bit because I may or may have not insulted a fellow spaniard for this, I don't regret anything.


same schzios too, would also use squid game as a muh capitalism bad communism good type of arguement.


I remember when that art dropped.

Doll girls are undeniably HOT. That are is pretty good all things considered.

Will always love the idea that people thing "aging up is bad" because "you only age up to sexualize them", Would they prefer we just draw it as is? The mental gymnastics of antis and general twitter folk is astonishing.