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Metroid Discussion Thread


So who here has played the series and what do you think about it? and another question to add, what do you guys think about Samus Aran and were any of you in disbelief that she was actually a chick all this time?

Mr. Wells

I haven't played every game, but I played the prime series and enjoyed it very much. I never did quite get into the classic 2d style metroid games. I wish Nintendo/Retro Studios would hurry up with Metroid Prime 4.


Always though Metroid was one of Nintendo's best franchises, but they've never seemed to really care about it. I was really glad that Dread was a thing and that it was actually good. I haven't yet played the Prime games myself (I hope they'll get a collection when 4 comes out) but from what I've seen I really have to play them.

About the whole chick thing. I never really cared. For the longest time I must have though she was a robot or smth. until I've seen here in Smash Brawl and just thought "oh that wasn't a robot but a woman in a suit, cool" and moved on.