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Might as well drop a napalm tank of my own on this little Vietnamese village :meguwoke:

Name's Halss, I'm a fairly degenerate person with great academic ambitions. I'm definitely into cunnyposting and such - been an interest of mine for the past couple of years, can't complain.
Other than that, I play vidya a lot, I sometimes do programming, take a great interest in various fields of science (especially chemistry) and I enjoy military stuff, mostly heavier tech and especially aircraft. I also like to explore history and try to form pure, unbiased views on contentious topics, namely World War 2.

One thing which often puts people off about me (and puts me in the role of the dickhead) is my sense of humour, that being somewhat akin to Sam Hyde - really edgy post-irony, sometimes barely indistinguishable from an actual statement. As I see upon first glance this forum and its staff are quite sensible and very cultured, I have faith that won't come as a problem, as I do try to limit myself as well. (TL;DR my life's a joke and I'm living it)

Also, I've been shunned quite heavily for being into lolis, but I've learned to just filter that at this point.

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might as well leave this here
Welcome, my fellow Meguchad. :korone-blessed:
Welcome aboard, fellow Meguchad. Those with great passion for explosives are always good to have around. View attachment 8575:lick-left:

Our numbers grow, @namedoesntfi! :meguwoke:
Good, goooood. :korone-smug: I have to come back here more often. :bap: