New Members / Introductions thread

hello i'm Cursed
i'm against censorship , corporate and state
free internet , free speech , privacy need to be protect

i love manga , anime and video games
i didn't like community in general , in pandemic i try in twitter but end like shit
Forum like this is for me the real internet , Social media is just a temporary moment in internet
decentralized is the real internet not the corporate shit.

i just to say at this end we won. never forget.

It's been ages since I last used a message board and quite honestly I always missed the feeling. Brings back the good ol' days. I'm Enoshima (or on other sites I usually go by as NotEnoshima).

I too love anime, but have lately had little time to watch it and catch up on it compared to how I used to watch it a few years ago. I'll play mostly single player games or any online games that have PVE involved because I am not a great PVP player in general. My favorite memorable games are such series like the Zero Escape, Danganronpa, Phoenix Wright and Phantasy Star Online franchises.

I am sure I have more to mention but I won't hog up this thread. Cheers!