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Oingo-Boingo thread

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post about Oingo-boingo


Back when I was a kid (about eleven to thirteen) one band I use to listen to a lot was oingo-boingo it's still one of my favourite bands I don't listen to it as much as I mostly listen to other stuff like slipknot, the Beatles, Gates of dawn, etc etc... but some times I go back to this band just for old time sake, the one thing I like about this band is how experimental it was you got songs like "Stay" which are pretty normal for the time period and sounds like something you would hear from other bands from the time but you also got songs like "Private Life" which is written from the perspective of anti-social, mentally ill, person aka a varish user but all of these song are uniquely oingo-boingo it's like these there's a oingo boingo song for everyone.

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Scornful Gaze

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Only A Lad is a damn classic album that most people only know for one song. A shame Danny Elfman is 'embarrased' of his older career, as a lot of the social commentary in the album still holds up today: