Pixiv is banning certain types of paid content to comply with credit card companies.


Seems Pixiv is about to ban "unsavory & Offensive" content real soon.

I gave this a look and I don't see anywhere in it that shows new info. it's still talking about the fanbox etc ban. it doesn't help they spam artwork in the article making it hard to read.

so no I've not seen or heard anything about them "banning content" officially even if it's possible and likely. people should be wary of their news sources. I'm not gonna trust anything unless it comes from an official linked statement from pixiv themselves or credible sources

just to recap. they are going to ban work on their paid services only. NOT on the main site yet. you can still host said content on pixiv you just can't make any money off it using their services. At least for the time being

it's important not to spread misinformation and to call shit like this out when you see it regardless of whose doing it.