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Since June is Pride Month, I thought it might be fun to start a thread recommending various titles with LGBT+ characters. Whether it's BL, GL, titles with LGBT+ themes, or other manga with an LGBT+ character that deserves to be showcased, post your recs here for the Anime-Planet community!


I Think Our Son Is Gay
This series is SO. FREAKING. WHOLESOME. I want Tomoko to be my mother, and wish everyone on the planet had a parent like her. Her gay son Hiroki is still learning how to accept himself and be comfortable in his own skin; and instead of being one of those parents who try to force him out of the closet before he is ready (or worse, shove him deeper into it), she secretly cheers him on from the sidelines as she witnesses his growing pains. Loving, supportive, compassionate Tomoko simply wants what all good parents want for their children - for them to grow up happy and healthy.

A Single Strike of Shimmering Frost
A Chinese fantasy danmei featuring two men - one a privileged young prince, the other a sharp-witted but grievously ill information broker - whose acquaintanceship slowly blooms into love. The story keeps you engaged (they always seem to be solving some mystery or get caught up in political intrigue) and not only do I love their relationship, which is gentle and based on mutual respect - but I love how supportive family members are of them, to the point the Emperor himself has people on the hunt for the cure needed to save his brother's lover.

Kino's Journey
A non-binary traveler wanders the world visiting the various countries in it. The series is episodic by design with each nation a story in its own right. Fascinating, thought-provoking, and sometimes horrific, no two places are the same, and Kino's Journey is never dull. This is probably the best story I've ever read starring a non-binary protagonist, and I recommend everyone give it a try.

My Brother's Husband
When we think of gay marriage, or indeed marriage in general, we tend to think of "happily ever after". Rarely do we think beyond this, because the reality of it is far too depressing. Eventually, one half of the couple is going to die and leave the other behind, and then what? Mike Flanagan is one such man dealing with this reality. His husband has passed away and he must decide what he is going to do with the rest of his life. He decides to travel from his home in Canada to meet his deceased husband's family members in Japan, and his visit opens their eyes in ways they didn't expect.

The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady
This princess is a hoot. Annisphia might be crazy, but somehow you just can't help cheering her on in this girls-love isekai fantasy. Calm, intelligent Euphilia makes a good match for her spazziness, but even her sane influence is limited when Annisphia goes crashing through windows or dashing off to fight a dragon with only a half-baked plan. A romance might be in their future - provided they don't get themselves killed first! Keep strong, Euphilia! We're rooting for you!

The Doctors Are Out
Two bisexual doctors living in the Philippines get off to a rocky start when they first meet due to some confusion caused by their similar professions, similar last names, and the fact that their offices are side-by-side. What doctor WOULD be pleased to find a pig in his waiting room that was supposed to go to the veterinary clinic next door? But when the two men eventually smooth their ruffled feathers and get to know each other, their companionship begins filling the holes in their hearts caused by past relationships. And with an adorable little tyke thrown in the mix, hopefully, the main characters in this ongoing webtoon will soon be a family of three. ^_^ Also include other recurring LGBT+ characters.

I Want to Be a Wall
An asexual woman gets married to a gay man. It gets their families off their backs, although they have no idea how they are going to solve certain issues - like their parents wanting grandchildren. Even though they aren't IN love with each other, they love each other like family and are determined to support each other and be on each other's side even if other people are not. The wife even secretly hopes to see her husband's hidden love for his childhood friend one day bear fruit. An unusual relationship to be sure, but one I'm curious to see where it goes in the future.

Ookami wo Karu Housoku
This personal favorite is a yaoi, so warning for some sex scenes. A supernatural love story based on an American novel, featuring an interracial gay couple who has to deal with a boatload of prejudice. One fled his home because he didn't feel accepted due to his sexuality, the other had a loving relationship with his friends and family until his best friend (who has some extreme internalized homophobia due to being abused as a child) rejects him and his bigoted mother is horrified to learn that her son is not only dating another man but *gasp* is dating someone of another race! (Pretty judgey for a woman who married a freaking werewolf) I really love how this couple perseveres and grows stronger, and I hope this manga gets licensed someday.


Honestly It looks like you know more about this than I do lol:cirno-laugh:
The best I can think of is super popular anime like yuri on ice or banana something or other. I havent watched them myself, but there has to be something to them if theyre that popular right?:shrug:


banana something
If you mean Banana Fish it was pretty good. I can recommend.

Personally I'm not a fan of most LGBTXYZWhatever works. They often feel force and characters are reduced down being a token representation that they want to push.

If I had to recommend something it would be Citrus and Bloom into you. Both yuri and mostly because they are the only ones I've really read.

You can also just do it like half of Twitter and tell yourself that every characters no matter the canon is gay, trans or whatever you want them to be :sayorifingerguns:


Please just fuck off with the whole LGBTQ group. They are nothing but the new age Nazi's at this point. And the flag is nothing more than a pandering flag that wants to sexualize kids and destroy common values and replace them with perversion. Watch some Matt Walsh and watch some Douglas Murray about the dangers of the flag and its agenda.

I hate the LGBTQ community in the way that Jason Voorhees hates campers.


I do want to note that I don't hate lesbians, gays or Bisexuals in their choice because they still are bound by the two gender laws, but trans people are like hellspawn that want to pervert common sense and science for their own perversion. Furthermore, I couldn't care less what a trans person does individually, but at this point it's like Marxist propaganda.

Chemically castrating children under the guise of they are trans.

I would advise you watch his doc for a more in dept idea of what really is behind this trend of transgenderism and why it is actually being promoted.
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Kino is just a tomboy. Why do people always argue that she isn't a woman? Because she says "boku"? People in the series find out, mention it to her and she never corrects them or says she is x-gender. Kino knows she isn't a man and here's a photo of her looking great in a swimsuit:
Even if you don't like bl or yaoi, Banana Fish (especially the anime) is worth checking out. I just noticed that no matter the series, if a character is gay or a lesbian, it's automatically considered an acronym manga. The live action version of My Brother's Husband is also worthwhile if you don't mind that sort of stuff. It's more of a drama and it's way more subtle than how this sort of stuff is done in the west.
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