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Directional Vector
Because every programming-/ tech- subforum has one of these.
And because I have a stupid question.

I want to store strings in an efficient structure but I'm out of ideas. I need a structure that
  • has no false positives
  • can insert/remove entries without losses
  • doesn't take forever to check if a string is in the set
My best idea is to use BinarySearchTrees and comparing the strings lexicographically but that could very easily end in list like performance.

I have been trying to port some ren'py games to android. I had a bit of trouble with the java JDK but I was able to get around that. what I was not able to get around is download the android license for ren'py.


The error is blurred out because it matches a family members name for some reason. Is their a way I could manually extract it myself? and if so where should I leave in in the files? I already have install android studio if that changes anything also.