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trap, femboy & Otokonoko art.

translation gundam

just finished playing Tomgirls of the Mountain or Josou Sanmyaku.
a very good game I hope they make a sequel.
also, Fumio best girl of that game change my mind.

Reincarnation of an actual god, gave up their place in heaven to save a village and fall in love with a mortal man, waited thousands of years for sied mortal man to return to them & promotes wholesome relationships with traps. what is there not to like.
best boy.png
best 5.png

best 2.png
best 1.png

best 3.png
best 4.png
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I found an artist doing trap version of Toga from My hero academia series; the artist is @/de7ta9 and he makes plenty of traps and other cool stuff. Anyway here's toga (unfortunately I couldn't find the uncensored ones):
toga 1.jpg

toga 2.jpg

toga 3.jpg

toga 4.jpg

toga 5.jpg

toga 6.jpg

toga 7.jpg

toga 8.jpg