Happenings Update your PC's BIOS right NOW!

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Millions of PC's are now vulnerable at the BIOS UEFI boot level because of a new exploit found by the AUTOMATA security system called the UEFIhazbufferoverflow. As the name states this exploit is stemming from a buffer overflow error in the firmware of almost every computer's BIOS. Nearly all Intel devices are susceptible to this firmware attack, and this affects AMD devices as well.

Why is it so important to update your PC's BIOS from your vendors website right now? This is because regardless of what security features you have on your system to keep your data safe (VPN/Proxies/Encrypted Drives etc, a BIOS UEFI boot level attack can compromise your entire PC to the point where even reinstalling the operating system won't fix it! A BIOS UEFI update takes only a few minutes so please do update your system to keep your private information safe.