Discussion Vtuber Singing - What is your fav vTuber Singer?


Love both of the songs especially ERROR her voice is sooo strong and deep :cat-blush:

I mostly listen to Suisei

really like pekora in this one wish she would sing more

im not into k-pop but i like this one
this are sooo great, saga jihen is one of the best
i think noel should also sing more maybe official version of king would be nice bc flare did :cat-blush:


Marine or Kiara

Marine is just a great singer in general and Ahoy is top 3.

As for Kiara... Come on, she's the only girl whose gonna sing me Peter Fox and HINOTORI was pretty epic ngl.



Oh, Vsingers huh, its my time i guess.
for me it's gonna be Okayu bc of "flos"
I like Okayu's flos, but my favorite cover its the one from YuNi.
In fact I like a lot of covers from YuNi
Also I really love all the songs from HimeHina.
How forget the time that a lot of Hololives, Nijis and indies where side dancers.

And some misc that i also love.
And I'm gonna stop to no do a (more) large list lol. I'm sorry :hinata-acid: