What're you listening to?


this really giving Mr hands vibes


I remembered some kind of water drum music thing, and it sounds just as good as it used to.

Apparently it's actually called a tongue drum, but I think there's water inside of it.
I don't know; I remember originally finding it when I first learned about using water itself as an instrument for music.
This was one of the things that popped up, and it's nice.


I listen to basically any song I find interesting, not album, artist nor genre-specific songs. There are a couple genres I avoid because they're just absolutely shit for me (modern rap and various degrees of ooga booga screeching), but other than that I'll take pretty much anything.

Some that come to mind rn are Japanese songs, be it anime soundtracks or just standalone tracks, for an example Jinsei Matatabi,

or also a lot of stuff from Reol, like Remote Control,

and also a lot of Touhou or Touhou-themed songs, namely stuff from IOSYS, and Cirno's Perfect Math Class or Towa no Maigo from BUTAOTOME.

As to other genres, I'm also keen on all sorts of war songs, namely Serbian turbofolk, my favourite musician being Rodoljub "Roki" Vulović and his song Crni Bombarder,

also some songs from totalitarian regimes or songs made in totalitarian spirit are pretty cool, like some songs from the Papers Please soundtrack.

Going to Europe, I find myself listening to Disco Polo, for an example Skaner and his Lato w Kołobrzegu.

Staying on the topic of borderline obscure Slavic music, Soviet and Russian post-punk is quite good, my favourite being Konec Elektroniki.

And finally, music which I have grown up on and which to this day lingers in my head, Czech pop, rock and pop rock from the '70s to the early '10s, like Premier, namely their song Hrobař,

the band Katapult and their song from the album 2006,

and Wohnout and the possibly most popular Czech song on YouTube, Svaz českých bohémů.


Bekhira - A Thousand Demons

Drowning The Light - The Weeping Moon

Naglfar - Harvest

Rift - Posthumous Rapture