Discussion Workflow optimizations thread. Tips/tricks. What you can do to improve your craft.


If you are trying to make entertainment, you need a workflow. having a workflow will allow you to stay consistent.

As a Vtuber with no team at my disposal, I am required to learn a lot of things ranging from editing videos in premiere, to animating in flash, to making 3D models in blender.
Though you might not be using the same tools as me, someone else may be using the same tools as you, and they want your knowledge.

This is a thread for people who want to share their discoveries of improvement in their workflow that has made them more efficient.
Allow me to provide some examples.
-In premiere, I have assigned "ripple delete" to "L-Shift+Z", in order to half the amount of clicks per cut.
-In OBS, I record my .MKV files with four/five audio tracks, all of which are dedicated to specific audio sources. The tracks are retained when remuxing in OBS. Doing this allows me to edit my fucked audio levels in post much more easily.
-During stream, I try to structure things to allow for easy editing in the future. By essentially making a video during stream, you are knocking out two birds with one stone.

If you've got insightful video(s) you'd like to share that you think gave you important information that has allowed you to elevate your craft, please share them.

If someone says something you want them to elaborate on, just ask them.
I hope to see this thread become a useful tool for new people like myself to get advice they didn't know they needed.

I'll get this thread started by pointing out something that took me a while to learn.
Do NOT spend too long trying to perfect one single aspect of a video/stream asset.

If you're spending a full hour hand-animating a gag in a video that is less than a second long, and isn't going to be reused for future vids, stop.
You need to at least be uploading weekly. MINIMUM. That said, don't make lazy, shit videos. Make your edits, and get out, but make good optimal edits.

For instance, my first video had me animating text in flash for literally a second of footage.
It sounds obvious, like no shit, you should value your own time. But to you perfectionists out there, I mean it, I opened an entire program for just a single second of footage (and you will too).

So here's my advice: Regularly take a second to ponder how much time you are wasting, and weigh your choices accordingly. you will speed up your workflow.
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Felt like adding some more things I've learned while doing this.
-Making a thumbnail template .psd in photoshop helps you to keep a consistent look for all your thumbnails, and make them quicker.
-Have talking points and segments prepared prior to stream.
-Make an account (and actively post) on a new platform. Swallow your pride, make a tik-tok.
-Making connections are not as big of a priority as making quality shit is.
-At every step of your process (or at least before you are halfway done with any project) you need to constantly be asking yourself if what you're doing provides some sort of value to the viewer.
-It's legitimately important to the quality of the stream for you to be invested in what's going on. You need to be having fun, or be fucking angry, or sad, or laughing.
-Just turn off your viewer counter. Until you look at the analytics at the end of the week, assume you have 100+ viewers at all times.
-Put everything you have into every single thing you make. It'll get easier as you get bigger, so just hang in there and muscle up something you're fucking proud of.
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