YouTube suspended my channel for disliking a stream

On the Kiara and Nyanners collab, I disliked the video before the two were streaming just for the heck of it since there were so many dislikes at first and despised Nyanners. I actually watch and was subscribed to Kiara beforehand and was planning to remove the dislike after the stream when I returned home from shopping. Later in the day, I found out my account was suspended and received an email about it.


What most likely happened was that YouTube thought my account was a bot and flagged me as spam, a bot, etc. and instantly suspended my account as most of the dislikes from the stream have been removed. I'm trying to get it back, but ended up making a new channel for now. :gura-pain:

I did the same and nothing happened, so you probably got suspended for something else and it was just a coincidence
I forgot to mention my account had no subscribers, videos, or comments made on it, so when YouTube sees an account with 0 subscribers, videos, etc. I'm guessing the system automatically assumes I'm a bot.

I was subscribed to so many YouTubers and had a huge list of playlists and favourites that are now gone. :(

Just looking at the comments on the VOD, I see some people talking about the dislikes on it when I sort by new. This person talks about how their dislike disappeared right away lol


Some more comments about the dislikes:

So in conclusion, if you disliked the video you most likely had the dislike disappeared or your channel might get banned like mine by mistake even if it's not a bot.


Deliberate Zero
When I checked just now, my dislike was still there. I'd just like to appreciate this being the same message as when YT banned Kiara.