• Declaring Total War on China - Fucking Spambots

Anyone even heard of forspoken? lol wtf is this?



So recently forspoken has came out and its from Square Enix and it has a whole bunch of woke writers working on it and yeah other than the graphics being ugly and some pretty weird gameplay, apparently not liking it means you're a racist or some other kind of ist and phobe usual kind of leftist gaslighting and yeah lol the wokies are going to shill this hard while bash hogwarts legacy at the same time too and yeah just waiting for this to flop lol.

What do you think about this game?


Had been hearing about it for a while. I remember seeing an extremely cringy ad for it last year. Thought it was the usual "western AAA dev" inclusivity project, had no idea until it came out this was from fucking square enix. And even when I heard that I was sure it was one of their western owned devs, but nope, a japanese team was responsible for this trash fire. That ESG money must be doing wonders for Square execs.


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I didn't even know it was made by Square Enix. How low they've fallen. :kekw: