Dead Space Remake Removing Content to “Stay Relevant to Modern Audiences”

The most disgusting part is when the article starts talks about micortransactions. I think they were trying to imply that it would be removing that feature from the game but, as far as I can tell THE ORIGINAL DEAD SPACE DONES'T HAVE MICROTRANSACTIONS!!! or at least major ones.

They just brought it up in an attempt to justify the "modernization" as something necessary, and not as some pandering junk that's the modern day equivalent (if no worse) of giving Isaac shades and a skateboard in the 1990's.

I'm trying to think of what I remember from the games that they are exactly removing (besides from the microtrabsactions and logs that I do remember not reading). All I could think of is relating to the babies and anything relating to the eye.

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If you're not gonna archive the articles, you can copy paste the relevant sections like so

Those looking forward to the Dead Space remake might be disappointed to learn the title will have certain elements removed so the game can “stay relevant to modern audiences”, an ominous statement that surely serves as a warning sign that the title will likely end up removing things due to being deemed as “offensive” by a select few outrage mongers.

When the Dead Space remake was announced, it was noted that content originally removed from the game will end up being put back in, though it seems that certain content will be removed as well and it wasn’t specified what exactly would be ousted from the classic.

An interview with EA divulged the Dead Space remake team will be removing content they believe to now be “out of date”, and art director Mike Yazijian (who had a hand in working on Dead Space 2) explained that “everything the team does is ‘out of respect for the original game’ – which includes taking things out”:

“We are taking the opportunity to also do away with some things that don’t work, and make sure the game stays relevant to modern audiences.”
Microtransactions are said to have played a major role in destroying the Dead Space franchise, and it is alleged that EA might have perhaps learned from this mistake, a statement that those familiar with the cruel and greedy acts of EA will likely not believe for a second.