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Delutaya have made a live2d debut today. Is she of any interest to varishangout users? I posting here for appreciation.
She made a stream for the superchats. I'll discuss some highlights
When she was discussing about the vtuber Collab's she mentioned kson, tamaki and Tomari Mari. I assume because they followed back after she followed them. I'm concerned about collabs with kson and tamaki :megu-scare: , Isn't Tamaki that troon? 😟 Kson for obvious reasons. I don't know who's tomari is but I hope that's a safe option. This was a long stream but I managed to stick it out and hope she won't get corrupted from moving her gaming streams onto twitch and the collabs. Also not much mention about fanbox only streams. She seems like she's going to be busy streaming daily and getting into a more active routine I'm not gonna be able to keep up with, I could if she releases schedule on her fanbox. Hoping for no drama and smooth sailing but the streamers she mentioned is having me concerned.

I cant speak for the rest but given recent developments I doubt that she would want to stream on twitch
She did in fact streamed valorant on twitch with another vtuber which I was not present for. I really don't know what's going on with twitch, is it bad for vtubers, I just hear roomers some vtube companies have exclusive contracts with them and that's more of a problem with vtube company instead of twitch. Is it a ToS or CoC(k) change or something?

I really don't know what's going on with twitch
Is it a ToS or CoC(k) change or something?
Change to rev splits. Corpo Vtubers now make less than 2$ off of a 5$ subscription. Instead they get 55% from ads (which don't pay a lot to begin with).
If they mostly do donations they are fine. If they rely on subs they might loose up to 50% of income (which a lot of them, probably since users feel like they at least get emotes).

If you meant something else then idk.

some vtube companies have exclusive contracts
I mentioned this somewhere else, but as far as I know as a partner (maybe even affiliate) you agree to stream exclusively on Twitch.

She posted another video. Her voice is one of the best in my opinion. The singing Streams are probably one of my favorite of her streams apart from that Clannad Stream she made a month ago.
edit: the average viewers for this singing stream was 9,000, the fanbox streams were 500 at most. It's really surreal how popular she have gotten.
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Another Video update, since it was fanbox only I won't share. Pretty chill stream, saw new viewers some English and a bit more Japanese viewers. It was pretty dense in Japanese lingo compared to the ones I showed. Hope I'll get better understanding over time.

I liked how Delu's last stream ended so funny on a comical note. It was a drunk stream. Was talking about her brother being a unapologetic pervert, playing LoL and Hentai all day in his room, and if he ever did get a gf which she highly doubt she would get mad at his gf for not finding someone better.
She likes Mesugaki doujin and considers Myun to be a sort of mesugaki being so upfront to her, so she couldn't refuse her recommendation to play overwatch 2. She was complaining a little about how the feminists in japan were trying to shut down her interests in anime, ecchi and such, taking some distinction between art and real life. She was going down the lists of products she had ordered on DLsite (lol) most things she couldn't list for fear of getting banned on youtube/twitter :megu-shrug: I guess since you could get banned for anything these days. Partially related, does anyone know of a ecchi doujin of Kimi no Sei? I just see a song but not anything more than that when I tried to look it up.

Edit: Kimi no Sei? isn't that the OP to bunny girl senpai ?
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I heard people were talking shit about my favorite vtuber on 5ch, what's wrong with them?
Also 12,000th message on this website, a milestone I reckon.

I think I'll append my messages with recent streams and comments on them so I don't fill up the messages.
This was pretty chill stream, her voice particularly struck out here. I don't know why they were talking about gay bars at the end, that was cringe.
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First time watching Twitch stream of Delu. It was going okay but near the end some dude sent some bots over to try and to get attention to himself. Is that a regular occurrence over there?
What do you mean? Like spam? Does she have her chat as sub only?
As in spam I guess, the mods cleared most of it up, it was a bunch of accounts. I think it was a public stream though, I don't know much about how Twitch works with subscriptions and whatnot, or really how twitch works in general.
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Delutaya Streamed today. Think that'll be the last until the 30th.

I forgot that I still have this thread. I'm gonna keep this thread alive with delutaya. I forgot the post the last four streams of delu but it definently seems that she is much more active with the live2d model and she abandon updates on the fanbox instead opting for sudden and unprovoked attack streams from her main and fanbox twitter. (she did schedule the last couple videos though)

I'm sorry I was absent the last couple months. I have kept up with watching, not lately in the last couple weeks but I have been planning my Watchalong Clannad streams that has started two weeks ago, I can't share since it's fanbox only. I refuse to post my 39th post until I generate more Miku images in celebration, but after that I will be posting in this thread more often.
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I was absent from this for a while but I have (mostly) been keeping up on Delu's fanbox streams. She seems to be doing more streaming publicly than I could keep up with. So far she is about episode 9 or 12 of Clannad Afterstory. I can't remember.
Delu have Streamed Clannad afterstory yesterday. It's fanbox only so I won't share the video. we left just before all the bad things starts to happen. Next stream is going to be tough.
2023/01/18 - she is going to be streaming Clannad, the first episode is "white darkness" so it's going to be a tough watchalong, I'm curious on how she is going to react. Also seems that every day afterwards she is going to be training for a Valorant tournament with a vtuber.
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Since the climax of the series of Clannad ended I think it may be appropriate to use separate reply.
It brought back memories of my sophomore years when I lost sleep over this show when I was still a closeted weeb. It really is a good show. I also found out that famous setting in Clannad is real and noticed the name of the place and I will attempt to make a pilgrimage there someday. Also found out her brother is a anti for the show.
In closing the video Delu mentioned that song that she is very proud of she will reserve it for a 3D live concert.