Ghost of Tsushima sells 8 million copies while TLOU2 copes and seethe

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Just looking for an excuse to dunk on the last of ma'am 2 minorities Joel they respond to opresion interactive movie

Haru Okimura
It was revealed today that Sucker Punch studio Samurai centered game Ghost of Tsushima sold over 8 million copies

Meanwhile while the last of ma'am 2 one angry cucked lesbian edition still struggles to sell even with the Ponys help
Screenshot_2022-01-08_004150.jpg Jokes aside as someone who studied marketing and is a future game developer ,you don't shit on your original demographic just to pander to a bunch Twitter fuckheads ,give the fans what they want and the sells will tell ,also remember cuckman said it's not supposed to be fun ,then what was the point of making the game then


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This is one and Bloodborne are the only 2 Sony games I'd want to see released on PC.

Kinda sucks that Japanese devs never get funding to make such a game. But seeing how Scalebound failed because they couldn't handle the scale leaves little hope for that to happen.

Actually what if I told you that the GoT dlc is pozzed if you see every NPC character in the dlc game ?