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Guilty Gear Strive - GG-World Log 311 Decensor Mod

Thread Description
Decensor Patch for Guilty Gear Strive.


Description: This mod restores the original Log 311 in GG-World's glossary, which restores mentions of Uighur, Tibet, Mongolia, and Siberia relating to the Chinese government, which was silently censored in a game patch. For those who pre-ordered the game and already played enough to where they can't refund it to protest against corporations that support the human rights violations and colonization that the P.R.C/C.C.P has been doing.



Install Instructions: Drag "GGStrive_China_Decensor.pak" and "GGStrive_China_Decensor.sig" into "GUILTY GEAR STRIVE\RED\Content\Paks\~mods".

Download: Linked in the attachments. For some reason, the attachments doesn't currently work, so here's a backup: https://anonfiles.com/J4j451caz5/ggstrive_china_decensor_zip


  • ggstrive_china_decensor.zip
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I made a mod that changes the Bridget's glossary to make him a boy (which also fits the ending of the flawless arcade ending because it is THAT poorly written)
I can't make both my and this mod work because both change the entire glossary file and I can't copy it on my mod, is there a way to merge them?
Also now that a loli was announced and with gamebanana obviously not allowing anything good for that character, will this thread be okay for modders to upload their stuff here?