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I'll introduce some Japanese learning useful sites to U.


I've heard from a few learners that they're worried they may use a neutral or impolite tone instead of being formal when necessary (not using gozaimasu for example), would you say that most native speakers won't care too much about this outside of a professional setting?

Yeah, we don't care about it we understand many foreigners can't speak Japanese not well.
If you made a mistake Japanese accent, usually we don't mention about that ( I'll mention that )
But when we didn't understand your Japanese, we might ask about what you saying.
we know Japanese language is so hard but if you try to speak Japanese we are happy.


Anyway, you should setting what your Japanese goal.

What do you want to do at Japanese learning?

Sing some Japanese songs? You wanna to read manga at Japanese?

You wanna to make Japanese friends or talk to Japanese?

the reasons are ok, everything.

Anyway, enjoying is important if you learn other language.

Why I'm still learning English cuz I want to talk you guys more and I wanna know about good info from English.

And also, I'm on varis now so I have to learn English that thing is very good for my English learning.

Anyway, you just say Japanese slang to Japanese sns post at worst you can practice to my shit post.

And if you can't understand Japanese you should use translater app and you can't say what do you want to say at Japanese you should use translater at that time.
That's ok.

Anyway, do it!
But Japanese learning is not must so it's just a hobbie for you.


And how to use を and が in Japanese.
You can know here.

Japanese particle は & が|What the difference ha and ga?​