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Welcome to the Index.
Here we'll keep a summary of all our amazing localizer "friends".
If you'd like to read more about any of them just click their name and it'll take you to the dedicated thread about them.
Feel free to share any more info about them or their works in their respective threads.

Katrina Leonoudakis (@katrinaltrnsl8r)
- Well known for translating "Nii Nii" as "Big Brudder" in Higurashi. She often adds braindead memes into her translations, and attempts to justify them with "translation theory" Which anyone who speaks a second language can call out as bullshit.
Full Thread Here

Meru | メル | @merumeruchann

- Meru loves politics. Their twitter is filled with great takes such as "If you oppose censorship you should also oppose capitalism". Their translations are often seen as low quality, and filled with errors, and when confronted with their shit work their solution is "Learn Japanese yourself" Which if you are you should talk to the other JP learners in the forum :p.
Notable works
-ISLAND (Karen's route)
-Rewrite+ (moon route)
-Nekopara: Catboys Paradise

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