Is anyone else annoyed by tiktoktards especially e-girls/e-boys too?

Ah tiktok, the world's most mentally deranged site, funny how they accuse places like chan type sites from 4chan to 8chan of being bigots, yet they themselves are the biggest bigots of them all. I know there is all kinds of faggotry on there, like those larping as the faries from fairy cube (great manga btw read it) to fucking larping as all sorts of other fucked otherkin or witch type shit that back then would have thrown them all in the fucking sanitorium.

Typical npc statements like muh white straight people are bad and minorities can't be raycist and its all white people especially men that are the ists and phobes.

They are all basically what is wrong with the anime and gaming community these days, from clout chasing anything hot shit and limiting themselves to only whatever is currently ongoing atm, even though its pretty much going to be mid overated factory made cancer. Using that as an aesthetic especially for the pron stuff they do on onlyfans yet at the same time, they bash it for all sorts of istaphobias too like i remember some e-whore narutard or demon slayertard can't exactly remember not that it fucking should anyways cause all ewhores are cancer. Was bashing goblin slayer for being dark fantasy and boy, wait till they find out what 90s and 80s straight to video horror ovas were then lol.

And as for them being "alt" or "goth" they'd freakout if they saw a real one, because like wedsenday when it was airing personalties are a commodity and gotta be real here, nobody would wanna date a crazy control freak like makima like bro don't stick your dick in crazy no matter how attractive they are. (Still shocked to this day that fuckers were simping for some crazy irl yandere in japan who stalked and killed her love interest)

They're pretty much the reasons why as well that mental health is taken as a joke too and thankfully doctors are fighting back against their munchausen syndrome fuckery by charging them extra for their diagnosis on tiktok. Speaking of which funny how they go after edgy media and lolicons when they themselves go goo ga ga over danganronpa yaoi and identify especially with the nagito because of how schizo they are yet at the same time want vidya banned because fiction affects reality and they think its ok to send threats to the people working on the game. :woozyface:

Ok midnight brain rambling aside, is anyone else annoyed by these fake wannabe goth kids with 0 personality other than to be obnoxious clout chasers as much as they possibly can be and if theres any other cringey type of person on tiktok i may have missed to rant about please let me know so i can tear those fuckers apart too.