Jinrouki Winvurga Mangaka Complains About Growing Restrictions in Manga


Shirou Tsunashima, the mangaka of Jinrouki Winvurga (a manga that has lots of nudity and rape) on twitter says he was instructed to not draw nude lolis or show the lower half of males and females anymore.

deepl translation
Please avoid extreme depictions of naked lolita and rape scenes, and as much as you can draw, please make sure that neither women nor men can see the lower half of the body, including the joint, and that it does not enter the screen (panel).
This is exactly what I received from the person in charge.
My mental strength to continue WinVurga is at its lowest ebb right now!the one publisher or

Can't catch a goddamn break from fucking censorship news. I thought Champion RED was ok with this stuff (I see a lot of their past published works are fanservice titles). Tried to find out if this is just the one publisher turning traitor for mainstream bucks or a larger shadow arm twisting but none of the twitter users I follow seem to be aware of this.

4chan was its usual helpful self (see - fucking worthless, "no meta content" about a goddamn thread concerning the manga industry because 60% of the users are fucking retarded racist contrarians, no info, a bunch of dipshits supporting the censorship for various retarded reasons).

This is the 2nd time this crap has come up (last time was the Satanophany mangaka but some claimed he was being instructed to just not draw uncensored genitals) so don't know if this is a developing pattern (possibly a long active one since not all mangaka speak out) or just another one off incident. I see a bunch of new borderline-H manga pop up thanks to sankakucomplex so Tsunashima should strongly consider jumping ship to one of them.


Mangaka authors should collectively tell them to fuck off and deal with it, because if they unionize against censorship laws the entire fucking plot collapses.