Happenings Ken Akamatsu's recent one-shot manga pisses off pro-censorship dipshits.

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After recent bullshit over a tame Tawawa on Monday ad that triggered a bunch of stupid u.n cunts (clearly those jealous authoritarian bitches are targeting something mundane to force extreme restrictions) now there's Akamatsu's recent one-shot manga release that's basically an attack on the repeated pushes for censorship of fanservice (especially loli characters) coming from foreigners and within japan.

As expected the article linked sides with the prudes (if you must use gamerant, thegamer, kotaku, archive their shit, never direct visit the site) as well as the usual twitter faggottards like brainchild129 calling the recent one-shot "propaganda" and claiming he's going to end up like Nobuhiro Watsuki who had cp.


mans absolutely fucken based

Akamatsu is doing more to fight for what he believes in than most spineless pin dicks that bitch about shit on Twitter all day. and that's a shot at both sides of the ale btw. raver then sit there and watch as everything he loves rots away around him he has taken it on himself to get into the mud that is politics to try and fight for the things he cares about

we need more people like him. big names and even small names that are willing to put their name and reputation on the line to fight this puritan bullshit

follow him and show him some love. I hope this "propaganda" work gets translated somewhere so everyone can read it for themselves https://twitter.com/KenAkamatsu