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Phase Connect rrats


supposedly the closest picture we have of Pippas face.

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she looks sus


According to a comment on the trailer these are the new 3 members:


Dizzy was a Manager at Tsunderia which shut down iirc. this might explain why she didn't carry over her old model (which looked quite good imo)

Ember is also from Tsunderia. Not sure why she changed her model especially since her old one was nice and the new one is more leaning into lewd. I hope this is as far as it goes. Don't need VSJ levels of coomerbaiting in PC.

Jelly is weird. I couldn't find her being affiliated with MyHoloTV. The only thing I found with a quick search is her just also being from Malaysia. The VTuber wiki states:
"due to being busy with personal projects and she wanted to fully focus on music as her career, while preparing to graduate comsci and for her future life. After graduation, her channels and social media accounts would remain and she would stream whenever possible."
This strikes me as weird, that she would start up again with PC. I know nothing about her, but maybe with her comsci background she could do coding streams.