RedLetterMedia thread

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RedLetterMedia thread? RLM thread.

for the uninitiated RLM or RedLetterMedia is a channel on Youtube channel ran by some gentleman from Milwaukee Wisconsin named Rich Evans, Mike Stoklaska and Jay (((Bauman))).

Mike gained infamy early on by voicing the notorious Mr. Plinkett (whereas Rich Evans plays Plinkett in Half in the bag.) in his Star Wars Reviews, you might not have noticed it but your brain did.

besides his Mr Plinkett reviews they do Half In The Bag where they review more current films, theres even an early 2000s era plot with the characters Mike, Jay and Rich play in Half In The Bag.
next is their show re;View where they review classic kino. this is their most recent episode which inspired me to make this thread.
last but not least is Best of the worst where they riff on movies that are so bad they are good ala mystery science theatre. the single greatest episode is surviving edged weapons

there most recent Re;View