Independent Share your favorite based Indie Vtubers

hey guys i would like to promote Awayura she's a smoll japanese sea slug on youtube
she's trying really hard and she's even doing live translation
Awayura Ch. Awayura twitter
she really nice at singing and she started playing pokemon sword and minecraft


i really hope that she had more viewers tbh :puddicat-heart: so pls check her out

Hirasaka Mei (DESUWA):
Amai Hiyo:
Hourei Tenten: (has the same designer as Minato Aqua)
and the WACTOR girls
Hizuki Miu:
Mitsurugi Lia:
Tsukito Hana:
Piyoko Kogure:

All of these VTubers above are indy Japanese VTubers (with less than 100K subs, except Miu who has 100K+ subs) who are trying their best to learn Spanish!

Also these:
Kyoko Kuramochi-mama: (I discovered this VTuber through YT ads)
Somunia: (Very kawaii VSinger)
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