the wired and arstechnica trying to use recent events to get website and anime censorship


the wired

These two shithole sites decided to use the recent shootings and the for the 50th+ time revived discussion on censoring the internet to mention unproven links of good smile company owning 4chan, mentioning how good smile company works with disney, warner bros, etc, has ads on 4chan and also sells lewd loli figures. They add this line after moralfagging for 20 paragraphs

Nothing about Good Smile’s products is illegal. A plethora of companies offers sexually explicit anime.

BULL FUCKING SHIT. You wouldn't repeatedly mention "good smile sells figures of underage girls in their panties" if you weren't trying to cause problems. You're hoping the new york attorney general bitch who's eager for censorship latches on to this and starts dragging anime through the mud on top of doing damage to a japanese company to get their domestic production fucked over too. You can see it in the arstechnica comments who want the western "fans" to start causing problems for good smile company. arsetechnica didn't even write up their own article, they just copied the wired's in hopes of spreading this bullshit.

And its obvious the two jackasses who the wired doesn't want to mention inspired their bullshit article, Guy Brand and James Young-sik Kim, who tried to con GSC are involved because their court case against GSC didn't end in their favor so now its time to take the whole operation down.