Visual Novels Tsukihime & the Tsukihime Remake

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so I wanted to start this thread talking about tsukihime, and the remake that is coming out, and Melty Blood as well.
so my basic thoughts are I enjoy the original game for quite a few reasons, and it's not just because arcuied is my waifu.
this remake while I am interested in checking it out because we are getting Satsuki route and the other routes are getting expanded upon.

however, a concern that I am having is some of the news that coming back about this remake.
an example being, there being no sex scenes and them cutting content that was from the original, which while the sex scenes were not that great. for some of the routes, I feel their sexual content plays into some of the thematics of tsukihime. like for example Arcueid being a vampire, which are very sexual and romantic creatures by nature, then there is the spoiler shit with Shiki the
Nanaya shit, then there the rape scenes & the true TONO Shiki shit
that makes that route great.
and then the other routes just add to it.

links to news about it.
so what are your guy's thoughts, wanted to keep this short and sweet because first thread I have started.
edit: will post updates and more news on the remake when it comes out.

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As there been any info about an english release yet? I looked it up earlier but couldnt find anything. Also god damn i'm so hyped for this it's gonna be the best vn ever made :ro-hyper:

looking forward to melty and the remake hopefully it works without the h scenes and that they'll add the far side routes eventually and hopefully it doesn't take too long for someone to translate it to english

I'm over halfway through the Arcueid Route of TsukiR and it's been amazing so far. I haven't read the original though, so I'm not exactly sure how it compares

lately, the tsukihime remake has been even in my soups.
I dream about tsukihime at night :hinata-acid:

I don't know anything about tsukihime, I just know that those ufotable animated sequences with reona themes are amazing.
3 days ago they released another animation sequence for the Ciel route which is also amazing.