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Uneducated 'tards discover Japans "technical" age of consent.

Thread Description
Normiefags do no research before being retards.


As the title says, twitter media outlet "Daily Loud" posted about Japan raising the blanket age of consent from 13 to 16.

Many uneducated retards did not know that the 13 was only a technicality and unless you were in the boonies, that was never applicable. Every reigon raised it to 16 or 18 individually.

Normally a tweet like this is whatever as it's just normiefags being brainwashed media drones, however the sheer scale of the uneducated is something worth bringing to light.

The tweet also allowed many normies to target anime fans and anime content creators alike with claims of pedophilia and other bullshit. Just more bullshit for the majority to see and label all fans of Japanese media.

Why the hell are people so quick to believe media with no research before hand. Surely people do not live their lives taking what others say at face value and not doing research into the topic? I hate to use the term as it is kind of a jokey bullshit meme but I really think some people are actually legitimate NPCs.

Live Tweet:
Archive: https://archive.ph/PZVO0

Also some images of the retardation below:



It shows that the twitter idiots just like to hate on stuff.
And the media just like to fan the flames of ignorance and outrage