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Discussion What kind of vaginas do vtubers have?


Well thats quite a question you just asked.
Depends on the kind of character I guess :thonk:
Would only make sense for the human ones to have human vaginas


Do they have animal vaginas or human vaginas? Serious answers only, please.
Well here you have two timeless copypastas to answer some of your questions:

About Coco:
Vaginas exude a large amount of heat on normal human women, let alone on certain female dragons, whose body temperatures would only naturally be much higher than a normal human's. If one were to approach Coco's bare vagina, especially if she was aroused, you would probably be able to feel the heat of it on your skin. The natural heat is also probably conducive to arousal in its own right. Much like a 15 year old going through puberty and getting erections at random, a side effect of being a dragon breed is probably often, unprovoked arousal. Who knows, it may even be permanent. Coco might literally be "in heat" at all times. On top of what may be almost perpetual wetness between her thighs, her naturally high body temperature probably makes it difficult for her to wear human clothes comfortably. But then again she may get off on the feeling of being wrapped so tightly, so to speak. The sensation of her wet vagina would probably resemble putting your finger into a bath of hot honey. The juices more viscous than normal and just hot enough that you almost risk a burn. Imagine the smell and the taste of her inner thighs after one match. Wet and sticky with a musky odor and all salty-sweet from the combination of her various juices... In addition, Coco's vagina may even be larger than those of human women, or at the very least anatomically different. The vaginal walls of human women only contract significantly during sex if experiencing orgasm. Due to her dragon nature, Coco may resemble some member of the known animal kingdom in that her physical control over her vaginas muscles is much greater. It would not be unreasonable to suggest that Coco could flex and contract the muscles in her vaginal walls to masturbate and in effect "milk" a penis for all it's worth. Her cervix may even be penetrable with little to no pain experienced, a sort of inverse "knot", a way to ensure that not one drop of her mate's semen will escape her.

And this one is about Polka which is not posted as often:
It's a fact that during intercourse, fennecs get locked together in what we call the "copulation tie". The male penis gets locked inside the female fennec's vagina to secure a safe cum transfer. However, unlike most canids who only get locked in for a minute, fennecs can be locked for up to 2 hours and 45 minutes-- just imagine getting to finally sheath your engorged penis inside Polka's tight pussy only for her to suddenly clamp it down like a lobster holding a knife. Some would try to pull out and wrongly so, as their poor penis won't budge from the sheer strength of Polka's vaginal muscles. Some other people would be turned on by that, thinking, "I'm not locked in with her, she's locked in with me". While it may seem like an enjoyable moment for the first 20 minutes, they would quickly realize that the sexual drive of a horny polka is a force to be reckoned with. You'd try to pound her, play around with her large, perky breasts, but soon enough you'll feel your strength getting sucked away by the cum inquisition that is her vagina. You'll begin by trying to pull out, telling her, "That's enough!" but she won't have it. She'll keep going. She'll use the strength of her gigantic thighs to flip you on the ground, pulling extremely hard on your manhood and causing tremendous pain. She'll get in a cowgirl position and keep on ruthlessly draining your seeds while laughing manically.


Would Gura's pussy feel rough like a shark's skin?

cunny poster

hmm, I don't think the inside of sharks is rough, but the outside would def have a unique texture to it. Although I think it'd be better to experience that through footjobs than actually fucking her :zt-think:

should anyone ever make a lolcow thread about me, please include
Would her feet smell like fish?
i have a foot fetish thx
Ahh, i see you're a man of culture.